The most useful houseplants

Chemical components that make up building materials, furniture and even air fresheners can make the atmosphere in the room where you live or work extremely toxic.

Some useful indoor plants that generate oxygen and can absorb formaldehyde - a substance that can cause respiratory system diseases and even cancer - can help eliminate this negative effect. Although the five plants listed below do not allow you to cure asthma, they will definitely help you breathe easier.


Indoor ivy

  • Bamboo palm
  • Spathiphyllum
  • Rapis tall
  • Ficus
  • Indoor ivy

    Available in a variety of forms and forms, this plant absorbs formaldehyde contained in the ambient air. The plant is universal for use in interior design: you can place it in hanging pots, on window sills, in floor pots. You can also give the plant any shape using a curly haircut. Indoor ivy prefers increased humidity, so it is necessary to constantly spray the leaves with water, especially during the winter.

    Bamboo palm

    Excellent absorption of formaldehyde from the ambient air. It does not require special care. It is enough just to place the palm on a place well illuminated by the sun and regularly water it.


    This plant remarkably removes from the air a wide range of chemical compounds, including acetone, benzene, and ammonia. In our list of the most useful plants, spathiphyllum is the only plant that blooms. Care of the plant in addition to the usual watering and top dressing consists in the periodic cleaning of leaves with a wet wipe.

    Rapis tall

    This indoor plant also cleans the air indoors, including ammonia compounds. Rapis is unpretentious in the care. However, he does not like the effect of direct sunlight and requires periodic cutting of the yellowed tips of the leaves.


    Ficus has a beneficial effect on the microclimate of the room in which it grows. This is expressed in the fact that this plant processes airborne vapors of formaldehyde, benzene, trichlorethylene and benzene into sugars and amino acids. In the care of ficus unpretentious. He is undemanding to light and can feel comfortable at a temperature of 14-18? C.You just need to keep the soil in the pot moist enough.