The highest paid movie actors of the world( Forbes)

Forbes Magazine has published an annual rating of movie stars that receive the largest royalties. The first time in the list were actors working outside the US film industry.

We present to you the top-10 highest-paid actors in the world .

  • Contents:
    • 10. Mark Wahlberg
    • 9. Akshay Kumar
    • 8. Salman Khan
    • 7. Amitabh Bachchan
    • 6. Tom Cruise
    • 5. Adam Sandler
    • 4. Bradley Cooper
    • 3. Vin Diesel
    • 2. Jackie Chan
    • 1Robert Downey Jr

10. Mark Wahlberg

Player, fighter, shooter and Max Payne earned $ 32 million for the period from June 1, 2014 to June 1, 2015.

9. Akshay Kumar

The Indian actor and TV host first appeared on the same list with Hollywood celebrities. His debut took place in 1991 in the film "The Oath", and success came in 1992, after filming in the thriller "Unsuccessful abduction."Over the past year, Akshay Kumar earned 32.5 million dollars.

8. Salman Khan

Another Bollywood representative ranked 8th in the ranking of actors with the highest incomes. This "bad guy"( the image is carefully maintained by the press) is so popular that his wax figure can be seen in the London museum of Madame Tussauds. Khan's fees for 2014-2015 amounted to $ 33.5 million.

7. Amitabh Bachchan

Indian movie star, television presenter and genie in combination( in the 2009 film "Aladin").Success came to him in 1973, after the tape "Prolonged Payback".There Bachchan played an honest and courageous policeman, alone confronting the villains. This year, he earned 33.5 million dollars.

6. Tom Cruise

For the hero "Mission Impossible", which regularly saves the world, it was not difficult to earn 40 million dollars for the year. Not surprisingly, because the salary of American special agents is more than that of Indian policemen.

5. Adam Sandler

Comedian, actor and screenwriter for 12 months of work received 41 million dollars for his roles in the movie "Pixels" and his contract for four films with Netflix.

4. Bradley Cooper

The owner of 41.5 million dollars of annual fees, thanks to his ability to participate in both entertaining fantastic blockbusters( voiced by Enota from the "Guardians of the Galaxy"), and in serious films such as "Sniper", "Serena" and"The Place Beyond the Pines".

3. Vin Diesel

Participation in the franchise "Fast and the Furious" brought him $ 47 million. During the filming of the film, Paul Walker was killed in a car accident. His hero Brian O'Conner appeared in almost all episodes of "Fast and Furious".But Vin Diesel promised fans that they would see a new part of the militant in April 2017.It will be played by Jason Stewem and Duane Johnson.

2. Jackie Chan

Charming and smiling Jackie earned $ 50 million last year, thanks to the film "Dragon's Blade" and the development of the business empire. The empire of Chan includes a line of branded goods, supplies of the Segway and the same network of cinemas in China. Grady Hendricks, one of the founders of the Asian Film Festival in New York, spoke of Jackie Chan as Mickey Mouse of Chinese culture, a celebrity that is so ubiquitous that her name has become a household name.

1. Robert Downey Jr

For the third year in a row, Robert Downey Jr. tops the top ten actors with the highest salaries for Forbes. Kinokomiks "The Avengers: the era of the Altron" brought him $ 80 million, and for "Captain America: Civil War" permanent Tony Stark will receive another $ 40 million. By the way Robert is also one of the highest paid stars in the world in 2015, the corresponding rating we published earlier on the pages of Basetop.