Rating of airlines in Russia 2017, the list of the 10 most secure and large

Summing up the results of 2016, the Federal Air Transport Agency published a brief statistics of the civil aviation of the Russian Federation. In general, the picture for the participants rating of Russian airlines in 2017 looks favorable. The air transportation market continues to develop, and virtually all reliable Russian airlines included in the list have shown an increase in the number of passengers and flying kilometers on average from 110 to 170%.At the same time, the weight of the top five airlines continues to grow. If in 2015 they occupied 54.4% of the total, then in 2017 it is already 67.4%.

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  • 10. North Wind
  • 9. VIM-Avia
  • 8. Azur Air
  • 7. Globe
  • 6. Victory of
  • 5. Ural Airlines
  • 4. UTair
  • 3. Russia
  • 2. Siberia
  • 1. Aeroflot
  • Рейтинг(JACDEC)

10. The North Wind

Opens the rating of the largest airlines of Russia Nordwind Airlines, it is also the "North Wind".The company is experiencing difficulties - over the past year the number of passengers has reached 1.8 million people and compared to 2015 decreased by 32.9%.The passenger turnover indicator also showed a decline, decreasing by 32%.

9. VIM-Avia

One of the largest charter carriers in Russia, which carried more than 2 million passengers in 2016, was summoned to the Federal Air Transport Agency on the carpet in the summer of 2016 due to constant long delays of flights up to several tens of hours. The carrier promised to take action. In case of inability to establish regular departures at the exact time of the company, a restriction on transportation is threatened.

8. Azur Air

Azur Air was a subsidiary of UTair, but two years ago it set off on its own. In 2016, the number of passengers of the company was 2.3 million people, virtually unchanged from 2015.

7. Globus

Globus is a member of S7 Group, being a subsidiary of Siberia Airlines, the second largest airline in the world.2016 was favorable for the company - the number of passengers increased by 50.2%, amounting to 3.6 million people.

6. Victory

The subsidiary company of Aeroflot, which adopted the baton from the deceased as a result of the sanctions of the UES "Dobroleta", is positioned as a budgetary one. Although the first tickets for the new airline's flights were sold just two years ago, she confidently entered the top-10 Russian airlines. The number of passengers for 2016 amounted to 4.3 million people, an increase of 38.7% compared to 2015.Despite the youth, the flights of "Victory" have already managed to grow scandals. Discontent of users is caused by the policy of concealing the real price for the flight, the demands to pay for the possibility of sitting together with families, flight delays and cases when tickets for a flight are sold more than the number of seats.

5. Ural Airlines

The fifth place in the rating of Russian airlines in 2017 is the "Ural Airlines", transported in 2016, 6.5 million people, showing an increase of 18.8%.In the meantime, the company requires Rosaviatsia to pay for the transportation of veterans of the Second World War to celebrate the anniversary of the Victory in 2015.The application for payment was rejected by Rosaviatsia, notwithstanding the fact that it does not contain the words "including VAT" and other moments of the same importance.

4. UTair

The owner of the world's largest operating helicopter fleet seems to have recovered from the crisis of late 2014.In 2016, the number of passengers carried by this company amounted to 6.7 million people, an increase of 20.1% compared to 2015.

3. Russia

1 Cathay Pacific Airways China, Hong-Kong CX, CPA 0,005
2 Air New Zealand New Zealand NZ, ANZ 0,007
3 Hainan Airlines China HU, CHH 0,009
4 Qatar Airways Qatar QR, QTR 0,009
5 KLM Netherlands KL, KLM 0,011
6 EVA Air Taiwan BR, EVA 0,012
7 Emirates United Arab Emirates EK, UAE 0,013
8 Etihad Airways United Arab Emirates EY, ETD 0,014
9 QANTAS Australia QF, QFA 0,015
10 Japan Airlines Japan JL, JAL 0,015
11 All Nippon Airways Japan NH, ANA 0,016
12 Lufthansa Germany LH, DLH 0,016
13 TAP Portugal Portugal TP, TAP 0,017
14 Virgin Atlantic Airways United Kingdom VS, VIR 0,017
15 Delta Air Lines USA DL, DAL 0,018
16 Air Canada Canada AC, ACA 0,02
17 jetBlue Airways USA B6, JBU 0,02
18 Virgin Australia Australia VA, VOZ 0,02
19 British Airways United Kingdom BA, BAW 0,023
20 Air Berlin Germany AB, BER 0.023
21 WestJet Airlines Canada WS, WJA 0.023
22 Sichuan Airlines China 3U, CSC 0,028
23 Norwegian Air Shuttle Norway DY, NAX 0,032
24 Shenzhen Airlines China ZH, CSZ 0,032
25 Iberia Spain IB, IBE 0,034
26 Jetstar Airways Australia JQ, JST 0,036
27 Southwest Airlines USA WN, SWA 0.037
28 EasyJet United Kingdom U2, EZY 0,037
29 AirAsia Malaysia AK, AXM 0,043
30 Thomson Airways United Kingdom BY, TOM 0,047
31 United Airlines USA UA, UAL 0,051
32 Singapore Airlines Singapore SQ, SIA 0,051
33 China Eastern Airlines China MU, CES 0,061
34 Ryanair Ireland FR, RYR 0,064
35 Swiss Switzerland LX, SWR 0,064
36 LATAM Chile Chile LA, LAN 0,095
37 Aeroflot SU, AFL 0.101
38 Jet Airways India 9W, JAI 0.109
39 Alitalia Italy AZ, AZA 0,113
40 Air India India AI, AIC 0,115
58 Garuda Indonesia Indonesia GA, GIA 0,77
59 Avianca Colombia Colombia AV, AVA 0,914
60 China Airlines Taiwan CI, CAL 0.977
Rank Airline Country Carrier code Safety index

The second subsidiary of the giant Aeroflot, which entered the top ten of the rating of Russian airlines in 2017, transported more than 8 million people last year, demonstrating an impressive growth in the number of passengers by 70.5%, the highest among the participating airlines. At the same time, the indicator of passenger turnover increased insignificantly - by 15.3%.

2. Siberia

The second largest airline in Russia is Siberia, which is also S7 Airlines, which carries out transportation in 83 directions both in Russia and abroad. Most of the latter, however, is serviced by partner airlines. In total, 9.5 million passengers were transported in 2016.

1. Aeroflot

Russians continue to fly by Aeroflot. In 2016, the company carried more than 28 million people, ahead of the second place in the rating of Siberia by more than 3 times. Not surprisingly, after all, Aeroflot is the largest and oldest Russian airline that has been transporting passengers since 1923.Although the company was listed in the black sanctions list of Ukraine, however, this does not prevent the increase in the number of traffic.

According to such criteria as the number of passengers and passenger turnover, the company registered an increase of 11% over the past year. By the way, Aeroflot can also be called one of the safest airlines in Russia in 2017 in Russia - on its lines there was not a single major air crash, considering, of course, subsidiaries and misfortunes caused by actions of third parties. In the airline security rating published in 2017 by the audit company JACDEC, Aeroflot is on the 37th place.

World Airlines Security Rating 2017( JACDEC)