The largest and most expensive mansions near Moscow

The real estate agency Penny Lane Realty compiled the rating of the largest and most expensive mansions of the Moscow suburbs , leasing out. The area of ​​the most modest of them is about 1.5 thousand square meters.m., and the most spacious - 2.5 thousand square meters.(the scale can be compared with the total area of ​​the five-story building of Khrushchev's building - 4,000 sq. km.).

However, such titanic buildings, embodying the power of capital, appear less and less frequently: the average area of ​​residences has decreased by 13% over the past five years, and the area of ​​the adjacent site has decreased by 8%, according to Incom-Real Estate. The crisis also affected the elite housing market, in a somewhat paradoxical way: in comparison with the previous year, the number of hiring transactions increased by 80.7%.Apparently, citizens who are accustomed to rent elite housing abroad, already can not afford it and are forced to look at their native penates.


  • 5. Krasnaya Polyana II Manor, Rublevo-Uspenskoe Highway
  • 4. Opalhaha Mansion, Volokolamsk Highway
  • 3. Barvikha Residence, Rublevskoe Highway
  • 2. Velednikovo Residence, Novorizhskoe Highway
  • 1.Mansion "Zhavoronki", Mozhayskoe highway

5. Manor "Krasnaya Polyana II", Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway

The rating of the largest elite real estate in the Moscow region, available for rent, opens a residence with a fairly modest on the background of the remaining area( plot - 0.4 hectare, house - 1.4 thousand square meters).The house has several bedrooms, a games room, a billiard room, a wine cellar and a cinema hall, as well as all the necessary ancillary facilities: a laundry, an apartment for maintenance staff and so on. There is a well-designed and equipped with the latest technology pool. Most of the furnishings of the house are created by their own sketches. Enjoy this magnificence can be for 24.6 thousand dollars a month.

4. Opalha Mansion, Volokolamsk Highway

The area of ​​the next householding is 1.5 thousand square meters.m., the site occupies 90 acres. On the territory there are rooms for staff, a pavilion with a barbecue and a whole river with a small waterfall. In the house there is everything necessary for comfortable living - several bedrooms, a garage for 4 cars, a private spa, a gym, a billiard room and a swimming pool.

3. Barvikha Residence, Rublevskoye Highway

Third place in the rating givenThe house has an area of ​​2 thousand square meters.m.( The adjacent territory modestly takes only 52 hundred parts).Two houses( master and guest) have an area of ​​1.1 thousand square meters.m and 500 sq. m.m respectively. There is a house for servants in 150 square meters.m., garage for 8 cars( with enclosed room for guards) in 250 sq. m. An expensive landscape architect worked on the site - lighting was carried out, walkways were laid and a fountain was installed. The houses have a swimming pool, a sauna, a billiard room and a cinema. You can enjoy the fountain every day from the window of your own bedroom, for only 45 thousand dollars a month. It is this property that tops the list, as is the most expensive mansion in the Moscow region .

2. "Velednikovo" Residence, Novorizhskoe Highway

The penultimate place is given to the house area of ​​2.2.thousand square meters.m. The wooded area on which the house is located occupies 1 hectare. The living area is 2/3 of the total area, the rest is a gym and a private spa with a swimming pool, sauna and hammam. There are also rooms for maintenance personnel and a garage. A jump from the sauna to the pool will cost 25.8 thousand dollars a month.

1. Mansion "Larks", Mozhayskoe highway

The largest mansion in the Moscow region does not mean the most expensive, as can be seen in the homeowner ranking first in the top 5 offers in the rental market for elite suburban housing in the Moscow region. Its area is 2.55 thousand square meters.m.( surrounding area - 130 acres), and the price - 28 thousand dollars a month. On the site there are two houses, the area of ​​which is 1.5 thousand sq. M.m and 1.05 square meters.m. Each of the houses has a swimming pool, hammam, wine cellar, spacious garage, as well as Italian furniture and fireplaces.