The best false eyelashes according to buyers' feedbacks

"Flap your eyelashes and fly" - is sung in a famous song. Even if nature does not endow you with thick and long eyelashes, do not despair: the manufacturers of cosmetic products have taken care of that every girl felt charming, and about the fascinating look from under the beautiful eyelashes the poets could write their works.


  1. False eyelashes which firm to choose
  2. The best false eyelashes from natural hair
  3. The best false eyelashes from artificial nap
  4. The best false eyelashes in bundles
  5. What false eyelashes to buy

False eyelashes which firm to choose

In order for your view to become expressive, you canUse mascara for eyelashes or go to the beauty salon to build them up. However, you can easily create a spectacular image yourself using false eyelashes, which are available in a wide range.

We bring to your attention the list of the leading manufacturers of false eyelashes:

1. «Andrea»

2. «Oriflame Holding AG»

3. «Salon Professional»

4. «Kaiser Trade»

5. «American International Industries»

6. « Farres »

7. « Jiu shun make up co. »

8. « L'Etoile »

Consider the best false eyelashes according to the feedback of buyers using these popular cosmetic accessories.

The best false eyelashes of natural hair

«Andrea ModLash»

The American company "Andrea" has been producing products since 1963 and specializes in the production of facial care products. The company gained special popularity thanks to products and accessories for the design of eyelashes, as evidenced by the numerous positive feedback from the fair sex that they acquired and tested.

The best buyers consider false eyelashes «Andrea ModLash», which have a number of advantages:

  • Eyelashes soft and natural.
  • Made of human hair.
  • In the range of models, differing in length and density: from natural to bright and spectacular.
  • The tape on which the cilia are attached is soft, not pricking.
  • Eyelashes can be dyed with mascara.
  • They perfectly carry the wash.
  • Cilia are well fixed and do not drop out when removing glue.
  • Multiple use is possible.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to find on sale.

The buyers consider the disadvantages of these false eyelashes:

  • A slight discomfort on the eyelids.

Due to the high quality of the products, Andrea is the leader in its market segment, and many models of false eyelashes made of natural hair are considered by many buyers as a standard of style. The company also produces quality glue for eyelashes and special tools for their removal.


Under the brand name "Ardell" produces products of the famous American company "American International Industries".In the line of eye makeup and eyelash extensions, products for both professional and home use are presented.

Most buyers consider one of the best false eyelashes "Ardell Fashion Lashes", made of human hair, and note their advantages:

  • Eyelashes look natural.
  • They are thick and bulky.
  • Light, not felt on the eyelids.
  • Convenient in use.
  • Can be used repeatedly.
  • Suitable for making makeup of any kind.
  • Eyelashes can be tinted with mascara for shaping and expressiveness.
  • The tape, on which the cilia are attached, is flexible and elastic.

Among the shortcomings of false eyelashes "Ardell Fashion Lashes" consumers noted:

  • High price.

However, almost all buyers express the opinion that the price for false eyelashes of the brand "Ardell" fully corresponds to their high quality.

The best false eyelashes from artificial nap

"Theatrical" from "Oriflame"

The company "Oriflame Holding AG", founded in Sweden in 1967, is well known in many countries of the world, and its products have gained great popularity due to high quality and wide assortment. The company produces decorative cosmetics, facial and body care products, perfumes and cosmetic accessories.

False eyelashes "Theatrical" from "Oriflame", according to customers, are among the best and have the following advantages:

  • Eyelashes are easy to use.
  • Looks natural.
  • Do not weight eyelids.
  • Suitable for multiple uses.
  • The flexible base perfectly fits the eyelid.
  • The cilia keep the shape well.
  • Special tools are not needed for eyelash removal.

Buyers consider the disadvantage of false eyelashes "Oriflame":

  • They are not always on sale.
  • Complete with eyelashes is sold not very reliable adhesive, which many replace with a better one.

The majority of customers consider false eyelashes "Theatrical" from "Oriflame" to be optimal in terms of price and quality. They are perfect for creating an expressive and spectacular image.


Farres has been producing cosmetic products since 2006 under the same brand name. Many buyers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Central Asia and Eastern Europe liked the quality decorative cosmetics of this brand, as well as tools and accessories.

The best, according to customers, false eyelashes brand "Farres" have the following advantages:

  • Eyelashes look impressive.
  • It is convenient to paste them.
  • They are easily removed without the use of special tools.
  • Multiple use is possible.
  • Large selection of models.
  • Affordable price.

The buyers consider the disadvantage of false eyelashes "Farres" as:

  • A rigid base on which the cilia are attached, because of which its corners are quickly peeled off.

Under the brand name "Farres" a wide range of false eyelashes is presented, which differ from each other in length, density and splendor. Among the wide variety of products of this brand, every girl will be able to choose the right model and look irresistible!

«Faux Cils»

The company "L'Etoile" appeared on the domestic market of cosmetic products in 2013, and has already gained great popularity, representing perfumes, decorative cosmetics, hair and skin care products of both world famous brands and the same nameown trademark.

Buyers who purchased these eyelashes note that their advantages are:

  • Eyelashes have a neat and spectacular appearance.
  • They are soft, fluffy, well-shaped.
  • Suitable for reusable use.
  • Eyelashes are easy to use, easy to stick and long hold.
  • Hairs of eyelashes of different length, which gives the look expressiveness.
  • Eyelashes are removed without the use of special tools.
  • In the range of models of different lengths and thicknesses.

The disadvantages of false eyelashes "Faux Cils" from "L'Etoile", according to customers, are as follows:

  • The cilia are slightly tangled when used multiple times.

For those who carefully monitor their appearance, but will not accept eyelash extensions, false eyelashes "Faux Cils" from "L'Etoile" will be an excellent alternative. Using these eyelashes, you will look attractive and effective with both day and evening make-up.

The best false eyelashes in the beams

«Salon Professional»

The company «Salon Professional» produces false eyelashes in the form of beams, each of which has several cilia. Eyelashes made of elastic artificial fibers are available in different lengths: short, medium and long. They are represented by sets containing eyelashes of the same length, and different.

Buyers who purchased sets of false eyelashes in bundles consider them to be the best and note the following advantages:

  • Eyelashes look natural.
  • Easily peel off with plain water.
  • The model range presents sets of beams of different lengths.
  • Can be used multiple times.
  • Affordable price.

Buyers consider the disadvantages of false eyelashes in the beams of "Salon Professional":

  • To stick eyelashes, you need a certain skill.
  • Long-term use may cause discomfort.

Eyelashes can be glued over the entire length of the eyelid or only in the corners of the eyes, which will create different images depending on your desire. Applying ordinary glue, you can easily unblock eyelashes with the first washing. If you use waterproof glue, the eyelashes will last much longer, and they need to be removed using a special tool.


Under the brand name «Kaizer» since 2006, the company Kayser Trade presents products: make-up, skin and hair care, manicure and pedicure accessories, a variety of cosmetic accessories.

Buyers highly appreciated the excellent quality of false eyelashes of Kaizer brand made of artificial material and noted the following advantages of this product:

  • Eyelashes are beautiful, fluffy and twirled.
  • Three lengths are available: short, long and medium.
  • Beams of different lengths can be combined with each other, achieving the desired effect.
  • Eyelashes are not felt on the eyelids and do not weight them.
  • Easily peeled off with water.
  • Affordable price.

The disadvantages of Kaizer beam eyelash lashes are, according to buyers, the following:

  • Not very long kept on the eyelids.

Most customers who purchased false eyelashes in the beams of the brand "Kaizer", note that it is convenient, inexpensive, beautiful and stylish. With these eyelashes, the gaze acquires depth and becomes expressive.


Under the brand "Manly" produces cosmetic products and accessories Taiwanese company "Jiu shun make up co.", Whose products have gained popularity among our compatriots. The buyers highly appreciated the quality of the products of the brand "Manly".

False eyelashes with beams of this brand are considered one of the best among similar products and have the following advantages:

  • Eyelashes are light and soft.
  • They have a natural look and a rich black color.
  • Eyelashes are easy to glue and remove.
  • Manufacturer produces models of different lengths.
  • Eyelashes hold well even in rainy and windy weather.

Disadvantages of false eyelashes "Manly" are:

  • Individual cilia may fall out of bundles.

False eyelashes "Manly" are made of synthetic polymeric material, which is identical to natural hair. In order to keep the eyelashes firmly adhered to a qualitative special glue.

What false eyelashes to buy

False eyelashes from the world's leading manufacturers are made of their various materials and are represented by a variety of models of different thicknesses, lengths and colors, among which you can choose those that are suitable for creating a unique image:

1. The best false eyelashes of natural hair, according to customers, are "Andrea ModLash" from the American company "Andrea" and "Ardell Fashion Lashes" from the company "American International Industries".These eyelashes look as natural and natural as possible. With them you will be able to demonstrate to others a wonderful taste and sense of style.

2. Customers consider Faux Cils from L'Etoile to be the best false eyelashes from artificial nap, as well as Farres products produced by Farres and presented in a wide range.

3. If you participate in theatrical productions and ceremonial events, the "Theater" eyelashes produced by the company "Oriflame Holding AG" will help you create a vivid, memorable image.

4. Want to achieve an unusual effect? Pay attention to the best false eyelashes in beams produced by Salon Professional, Kaizer brand from Kaiser Trade and Manly brand from Jiu shun make up co. Use simultaneously beams of different lengths, and your eyes will become beautiful, deep and expressive.