Top 5 Best Virtual Bank Cards

When making purchases in foreign and Russian online stores, a virtual card that does not have a physical carrier is no different from any other bank card. Money from her comes to the account of the seller, but he does not have the details of your personal credit card.

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You can replenish the virtual card for the right amount immediately before purchase or later through the bank or from the plastic card account. Its release takes several minutes. In this case, there is no need to personally visit the issuing bank.

Introducing the best virtual bank cards, , which every day pay a lot of users of the Runet.


  • 5. VirtuCard from Russian Standard
  • 4. MasterCard Virtual from Alfa Bank
  • 3. Visa and MasterCard from Sberbank
  • 2. MasterCard from Yandex. Money
  • 1. Visa from Qiwi

5. VirtuCard from "Russian Standard"

For the bank's customers there is no commission for issuing a card with a limit of 100 to 100 thousand rubles and a validity period of 6 months. For users of the Webmoney system, the commission for issuing a card, with a limit of 100 to 15 thousand rubles and a valid 3 months, is 1.5%.On the bank's website, you can leave an application for the issue of a card that is valid for 3 months, with a limit of 100 to 15 thousand rubles. Its release will cost 2% of the replenishment amount, from 25 rubles and more.

4. MasterCard Virtual from Alfa Bank

This virtual card can be opened through the Alfa-Click service. Users who are not clients of Alfa-Bank can order a card after they have issued one of the package of services. The commission for the issue is 49 rubles. Before issuing, the cardholder sets a limit beyond which you can not spend. The validity period is until the end of the current month.

3. Visa and MasterCard from "Sberbank"

The rating of virtual bank cards includes two cards from the largest bank of the Russian Federation. Their annual maintenance will cost 60 rubles. To issue a virtual Visa or MasterCard, you need to own an active debit card of Sberbank and have access to the services of Sberbank Online and Mobile Bank. The cards are valid for 3 years, and the daily limit for the transaction is 300 thousand rubles. Commission for the issue is not, but there is the possibility of binding cards to electronic purses. There is also a drawback: only those from Moscow can order these cards.

2. MasterCard from "Yandex. Money"

The card is issued free of charge and valid for 1 year. The condition of issue is the binding of the account to the phone number. Anonymous users can not pay with a card in foreign online stores, and the limits for them are 15 thousand rubles at a time and 40 thousand per month. Owners of registered purses can spend 60 thousand rubles at a time and 200 thousand a month. And the owners of the identified - 250 thousand rubles at a time and 6 million a month.

1. Visa from Qiwi

Convenience and reliability of payment for services on the Internet is what virtual bank cards are attractive for. The rating of the best of them is led immediately by two Visa cards, which can be issued on the site of the largest Russian instant payment system. The first( Qiwi Visa Virtual) is valid for 2 months and has a separate account. One purse can have several cards. The minimum nominal value of Qiwi Visa Virtual is 300 rubles or 10 $, and the maximum value is 30 thousand rubles or 1000 $ for the entire card validity period. The issue is charged a commission of 2.5%( 25 rubles or more) or 1 $, if the customer orders a card in US dollars.

The second card( Qiwi Visa Card) is linked to the Qiwi-purse account. One card Qiwi Visa Card can be active on one purse. Its registration and services are free of charge, and the validity period is 2 years. The limit on payments in rubles is 600 thousand, and in dollars - 1000.