Rating of the most dangerous roads in Russia

The department of ONF "People's Expertise" on the basis of statistics of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Russian Federation for 2015 ranked the top ten most dangerous cities in terms of drivers. The basis was the number of road accidents with fatalities per 100,000 people. However, ONF does not intend to confine itself to the analysis of statistics: a project called "Map of Life" has been created, which will operate throughout the country from November 1.Its purpose is to control the state of roads to identify hazardous areas and eliminate the causes of accidents.

We present to you ten cities in Russia with the most dangerous roads , fallen into the rating.


  • 10. Volgograd
  • 9. Krasnoyarsk
  • 8. Voronezh
  • 7. Omsk
  • 6. Irkutsk
  • 5. Kemerovo
  • 4. Makhachkala
  • 3. Perm
  • 2. Lipetsk
  • 1. Krasnodar

10. Volgograd

The capital of the Volgogradarea is located at the intersection of several major highways. The three highways that cross Volgograd along the length are in fact just a chain of streets. There are no bypass roads for transit transport( with a few exceptions), which forces loaded trucks to move around the city. The death rate per 100 thousand urban population was 5.1.

9. Krasnoyarsk

The number of road accidents with a fatal outcome in Krasnoyarsk coincides with Volgograd. Both cities are experiencing similar problems: the absence of ring roads leads to traffic flows through the city, and high motorization( Krasnoyarsk got second place in the Russian Federation in terms of the number of cars per thousand townspeople) causes giant traffic jams, complicated by the insufficient number and permeability of automobile bridges across the Yenisei River.

8. Voronezh

Analysis of the state of the Voronezh road network showed that at least four out of every five roads are in unsatisfactory condition. The absence of modern interchanges and narrow streets contribute to the dangerous road situation. The death rate is 6.0 per 100 thousand people.

7. Omsk

Omsk suffers from the terrible quality of roads, which showed a raid of the traffic police in the Omsk region in early 2015.By its results, about three dozen administrative cases were initiated. The number of lethal cases is 6.2 per 100 thousand people.

6. Irkutsk

According to the head of the Department of OGIBDD for the region V. Stupin, bad roads - the reason for 43% of road accidents in the city and the region. When traveling on the scene of traffic accidents, traffic police officers detect poorly marked markings, lack of road signs and road surface defects caused by the winter. The death rate was 6.5 per 100 thousand people.

5. Kemerovo

One of the most dangerous routes in Russia runs through this city. In Kemerovo there are several sections where cars collide in one and a half to two, or even seventeen times more often than in other places. Mortality statistics - 6.6 per 100 thousand people.

4. Makhachkala

According to the head of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Republic of Dagestan, most accidents in Makhachkala are due to speeding, with pedestrians suffering mainly - about 80% of all accidents are raids on them. About 20% of the victims of accidents are children. Mortality statistics - 6.7 per one hundred thousand people.

3. Perm

Most often in Perm there are collisions of vehicles( 41.7%) and pedestrian attacks( 28.4%).One of the possible reasons is the unsatisfactory state of roads due to deformation of the roadway due to climatic peculiarities and specific soil structure. The death rate is 6.8 per 100 thousand people.

2. Lipetsk

In connection with the intensive development of the region, construction of the Lipetsk ring road with modern interchanges is under way. This will reduce the burden on the transport-road network and, possibly, reduce the number of accidents. So far, the death rate on the roads of Lipetsk is 6.9 per 100 thousand of the population.

1. Krasnodar

Zhitnitsa Kuban led top-10 Russian settlements with the most dangerous roads. And all because of the undisciplined drivers of the Krasnodar Territory. They go out on the opposite side, drive down, ignore the traffic lights, drive the car in a state of intoxication, and also like to write sms and talk on the phone while driving. Cases of accidents caused by the refusal of the old car also became more frequent. The index of deaths of road users is 7.1 per 100 thousand citizens.