Top 10 largest online stores in Russia 2015

Data Insight research agency and Ruward project group presented a jointly compiled list of one hundred largest Russian online stores. Participants in the ranking are sorted by the volume of online sales for the first half of the year 2015.

Introducing the top 10 of the largest online stores in Russia.


  • 10. "Comus"
  • 9. "Eldorado"
  • 8. "Connected"
  • 7. "Ozone"
  • 6. "M.Video"
  • 5. Lamoda
  • 4. Citylink
  • 3. Wildberries
  • 2. "Yulmart"
  • 1. Exist

10. "Komus"

During the first half of 2015, the store made 580 thousand orders for a total of 6 million rubles."Komus" sells stationery, paper, writing materials, souvenirs and other necessary items for home and office. To save money buyers will help stocks and a system of discounts.

9. "Eldorado"

You can scold "Eldorado" for unreliable advertising, as did the Moscow office of the FAS.You can suffice "Eldorado" for a huge range, attractive prices and bonuses for purchases. But one thing this large online electronics store does not take away: a huge turnover - 6.2 million rubles for the first six months of 2015.

8. "Connected"

In this online store you can buy the latest models of mobile equipment. Buyers on Yandex. Market in the reviews praise the efficiency of issuing and delivering orders, politeness of employees, reasonable prices and frequent promotions and discounts. There are also negative estimates, because sometimes the goods are not available, although they are listed on the Svyaznoy's website as being in stock. The sales volume in the store for the reporting period was 6.9 million rubles.

7. Ozone

One of the masters of Internet commerce in Russia( "the year of birth" - 1998).It can buy perfume, jewelry, electronics, books, games, antiques and much more. For the beginning of 2015, Ozone customers purchased goods worth 8.2 million rubles.

6. M.Video

Advantages: bonus and discount system operates, fast delivery of orders, possibility to order the installation of complex equipment. There are also disadvantages: users of mobile devices note that the mobile site "M.Video" is not optimized and overloads the browser. Despite this defect, the online store sold goods for 8.3 million rubles.

5. Lamoda

The lion's share of sales of one of the largest online stores in Russia is in clothing and footwear. Attracts customers discounts( for example, for subscription to news), quality goods, free shipping and the opportunity to choose and try on a thing before payment. According to Data Insight and Ruward, Lamoda's sales for 6 months are 9 million rubles, which puts the store on the fifth place in the ranking of the largest Russian online stores.

4. Citylink

The assortment of this Russian electronic discounter is huge: from large and small household appliances to computer accessories, from products for children to power tools and auto accessories. On holidays, Citylink sends promotional codes and promotional offers to customers, and bonuses are paid for each purchase. From January to June 2015, orders for 9.9 million rubles were made in the online store.

3. Wildberries

Virtual rival Lamoda, offering clothes and shoes. Among the advantages: free courier delivery, self-delivery points, the possibility of reservation of goods for up to 25 hours( no more than 5 things), permanent customer discount. Disadvantages: things do not always match the size grid presented on the site. Wildberries boasts sales worth 14 million rubles.

2. "Yulmart"

Russian retailer with a semi-annual turnover of 15.9 million rubles. On his virtual shelves "lie" 120 thousand units of goods. Outposts of "Yulmart" are in many cities of Russia, for each bought goods bonus rubles are added, they will be useful at the next order. However, not all purchases from this online store are delivered by self-delivery.

1. Exist

Trade turnover of 35.7 million rubles, and 4,150 thousand orders provided Exist the first place among the largest online stores in Russia. This car enthusiast's paradise, opened in 1998, offers auto electronics, oils, tires and wheels, spare parts and other goods necessary for the maintenance of "iron horses".