Rating of the most expensive in the maintenance of breeds of dogs

One of the British companies involved in pet insurance identified the most expensive in the content of breeds of dogs. In this case, the final amount includes nutrition throughout life( taken into account the average life expectancy), training, insurance of dogs, as well as various accessories.

5. English Setter

This is the most common breed from the group of puggers. These are large enough dogs, very clever and good-natured, easy to train. Puppies English setter will cost you about $ 400, but the content will have to spend about $ 96.6 thousand

4. Boxer

Large smooth-haired dogs with a short wide skull, have very strong jaws due to the characteristic form of bite-snack. Puppies show class of this breed cost about $ 500, the content during life will cost $ 97,3 thousand.

3. Mastiff

One of the largest dogs in the world, the growth of at least 75 cm at the withers, with a weight of about 80 kg. The nature of dogs of this breed is very individual, some representatives are very stubborn, also influences the behavior of the degree of socialization of the dog in childhood, but all differ by careful attitude towards children. These are the most expensive dogs in the world. The cost of a puppy of the show-class of the mastiff breed ranges from $ 1500 to $ 2000, and the maintenance of such a dog will take about $ 159 thousand.

2. Greyhound

Dogs from the group of greyhounds specializing in very fast running for short distances, while they are tough enough. These tall dogs( about 72 cm at the withers) are very graceful, have a beautiful posture. At the same time, three types of breed are distinguished: exhibition, running, hunting, for today these types are bred separately. The puppy of the exhibition class will cost about $ 1,700, and the maintenance during the life will cost $ 161 thousand.

1. Chihuahua

The smallest breed in the world, weighing from 0.5 to 3 kg, popular with Hollywood stars, Russian stage and socialite lionesses. These dogs are often excessively shy, but are very easily excitable. Representatives of the breed are very loyal to the owners, they are too jealous. Elite puppies chihuahua cost from $ 1200 to $ 2000, and then during the life of the animal will have to spend about $ 173 thousand, which includes expensive accessories, which are usually bought by these dogs.