Rating of the most forged food products, the version of "Roscontrol"

Once upon a time there was a joke about sausage and toilet paper. But now, when production of products is focused on obtaining maximum profitability and producers save on raw materials, tasteless and even harmful to health products flooded the Russian market. And in the same sausage there may be something more terrible than toilet paper.

The Union of Consumers Roskontrol presented with the top 5 most frequently forged products of .


  • 5. Sweets and baked goods
  • 4. Fish
  • 3. Sausage
  • 2. Dairy products
  • 1. Water

5. Sweets and baked goods

Sad news for sweet tooth: in chocolate( a mixture of cocoa butter, grated cocoa, sugar and dairy ingredients), instead of cocoa, a substitute is often put. Has not escaped this fate and bread, butter in it is replaced with margarine. And in the course of the last inspections of Rospotrebnadzor 750 products were found, the address of the manufacturer was fictitious.

4. Fish

The experts of "Roscontrol" discontent caused the product frost. According to the norms, the water in the frozen fish should be a maximum of 5%.In reality - 4 times more. Do not shun some sellers and give out less expensive fish for more expensive. For example, pollock for cod( and why be embarrassed, because both fish belong to the cod family), and cod for trout. As explained by the executive director of the Society for Consumer Protection( OZPP) Sergei Raksha, it will be difficult for the buyer to distinguish salmon or trout from white fish, if the latter is painted red and slightly salted.

3. Sausage

More than 50% of the sausage products tested by "Roscontrol" did not comply with the GOST.Also, producers hide what the sausage is made from, apparently, the composition will be too unappetizing.

2. Dairy products

The second place in the rating of counterfeit products was cheese, cottage cheese and butter. Over 60% is a surrogate. Instead of animal fats manufacturers put vegetable, for example, palm oil. Not only do the taste of food products suffer, so also palm oil has a bad effect on health. It contains 50% of saturated fatty acids, which help to increase the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood.

In a number of samples studied by Roskontrol, there were no milk fats at all. Under the guise of cheese or butter, something that even a cheese product can not be called is offered. And how you can call it - not for printing.

1. Water

The liquidity rating leader is the leader, without which "neither there nor there are syudas".The worst for myself was shown by water for coolers.90% of the samples failed testing, they contained chemical compounds and bacteria.

If you find suspicious products in the store, it is best to report this to Rospotrebnadzor. Complaints give an occasion to verify the institution, and in case of detection of a counterfeit, the violator( and this is the seller and producer) will pay 500 thousand rubles. Perhaps the punishment by the ruble will force the outlets to better monitor the proper quality of the goods.