The most profitable mortgage: the rating of mortgage banks 2016

In which bank is it better to take a mortgage? Where is the lowest mortgage interest, in what bank? These and many other questions are asked to be housed. The information center "Rusipoteka" regularly monitors the mortgage market. Analyzing the rating of banks on the total amount of mortgage loans, their number and how much the volume has decreased, the thoughtful reader can determine where the most profitable mortgage is. In which bank of this top-10 to take a mortgage - it's up to you.


  • 10. «Absolute Bank»
  • 9. «Restoration»
  • 8. Bank "Zhilfinans»
  • 7. «Bank St. Petersburg»
  • 6. «Gasprombank»
  • 5. «Agricultural Bank»
  • 4. «Moscow Bank»
  • 3. DeltaCredit
  • 2.« VTB 24 »
  • 1.« Sberbank »

10.« Absolut Bank »

rating mortgage banks in 2016 begins" Absolut Bank "- one of the commercial banks operating in the territory of the Russian Federation. The main shareholder of the bank is NPF "Blagosostoyanie" - a non-government pension fund, the brainchild of "Russian Railways".In the first half of 2015, the bank issued 1,242 mortgage loans for a total of 2,565 million rubles.

9. "Revival"

One of the largest commercial banks of Russia for the first half-year has provided 1 256 mortgage loans with a total of 2 970 million rubles. The total volume of loans in comparison with 2014 decreased by 43%.

8. Bank "Zhilfinans»

Bank owns the rump companies "PIC", dedicated to the construction and restructuring of real estate, and the very name of the bank talks about his specialty - the mortgage. The rating of banks asserts that for six months, 1,896 loans were issued for a total of 3 800 million rubles, while their volume decreased by 23%.

7. «Bank of Saint-Petersburg»

Bank north of the capital felt the decrease in the volume of loans by 47%, and issued 2 249 loans for a total amount of 4070 million rubles, half inferior to the next place ranking.

6. «Gazprombank»

Although "Gazprombank" and is considered one of the most reliable banks in 2016, the volume of loans had declined more others - by as much as 73%.It is interesting that if in the first half of 2015, 3,375 mortgage loans were issued( which is half the size of the next place in the rating), but for the total amount of loans issued, Gazprombank is only 15% behind the fifth place.

5. «Rosselkhozbank»

Based on the direct decree of the President of Russian Federation for maintenance of the agricultural industry in Russia, the Agricultural Bank issued 7,015 mortgages a total of 9 256 million rubles. However, the volume of loans issued fell by 38%.

4. "Bank of Moscow"

The main shareholder of the Bank of Moscow is the semi-state association "Bank VTB".The reduction in the volume of issued loans is relatively small and second only to DeltaCredit Bank - only 15%.For the first half of 2015, 5,335 loans were issued for a total of 10,244 million rubles.

3. DeltaCredit

DeltaCredit, which has been successfully operating in Russia for more than 18 years, is in third place in the ranking( the international financial corporation Soci? T? G? N? Rale is a 100% shareholder of the bank).Alas, the reputation of the bank is somewhat spoiled by the fact that since 2007, Russian clients have been forced to mortgage loans in foreign currency - to the detriment of the legislation of the Russian Federation, which caused mass protests in 2014.However, the reduction in the volume of loans issued by the bank is the smallest in the rating - only 13%.Despite what has happened, customers continue to trust him.

2. "VTB 24"

In second place in the rating of mortgage banks in 2016 was another parastatal company - Bank VTB 24, the leading shareholder of which( through VTB Bank) is the Central Bank. According to the total number of deposits and credits, it is second only to the first place in the rating. Despite a 50% drop in the volume of loans issued, 38 326 mortgage loans worth 72,409 million rubles were issued in the first half of last year.

1. "Sberbank"

The best banks for mortgages were headed by "Sberbank".The result was predictable: "Sberbank" has long and firmly won the people's trust. In the first half of 2015, 197,731 mortgage loans were issued with a total amount of 304,302 million rubles, more than three times higher than the second-ranking rating. Compared to 2014, the volume of loans issued fell by a quarter - a significant figure, but still not too large.