Rating of the most beautiful fishes in the world

Have you ever thought about how diverse the species of fish, how beautiful and unusual they are. .. Pisces can strike the imagination and that's why many like to put aquariums at home and observe the charming inhabitants. .. Here's the rating of the most beautiful fish in the world :


  • 1. Mandarins
  • 2. Imperial Angels
  • 3. Lionfish
  • 4. Clown triggerfoot
  • 5. Nudibranch
  • 6. Discus
  • 7. Spinorhorge Picasso
  • 8. Mauritanian idol
  • 9. Clown fish
  • 10. Parrot fish


mandarin - very small colorful fish, koi live in coral reefs in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. The name "mandarin" comes from their colorful pattern, which is similar to the clothing of Mandarin Chinese. This is bottom fish. They excrete toxin in the mucus, which clumps their torso and is toxic to several predators.

2. Imperial Angels

Imperial angels are one of the most beautiful coral fish, which, also, change their color throughout life. The litter contains a black body with white and blue concentric bands. In adults, the body is bright-violet with approximately 25 thin diagonal strips of yellow-red color. The skull becomes emerald top with age and reddish-brown bottom, with a characteristic bright mask around the eyes. The ruler inhabits the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific region.

3. Lionfish

This fish is one of the most poisoned fish on the ocean floor. Its poisoned thorns are used only for defense purposes. For a person, its poison is not fatal. They live in coral reefs and stony crevices of the Indo-Pacific region.

4. Clown triggerfoot

Spinorhores often have a very bright color and are the inhabitants of coral reefs. They received their name not for nothing. The first thorn of their dorsal fin is very powerful and can be rigidly fixed in the vertical state with the help of the second spine

5. Nudibranch

Nudibranchs - gastropods, bottom dwellers. They have a fantastic coloring and color patterns. A great variety of nudibranchs can be seen here http: //www.sergeyphoto.com/underwater/ nudibranchs.html

6. Diskus

In some places it is also called the "King Aquarium".Discus is one of the most beautiful tropical fish.

7. Spinorog Picasso

Lives the spinorhorp Picasso on warm shallows, inside and outside the reef, where there are many cracks in the rocks, which they explore in search of food. Habitat - the Indian-Pacific region. From the south of the Crimson Sea to Yu. Afr., Hawaiian Islands, Tuamotu Islands, Lord Howe Islands, Japan. East Atlantic: from Senegal to South Africa. .

8. Mauritanian idol

Moorish idol is one of the most popular and beautiful aquarium fish. However, it is extremely difficult to take care of these fish. In captivity they do not live long. In nature, this species is widespread in the Indo-Pacific region in tropical and several temperate reservoirs.

9. Clown Fish

Clown fish are often found in warm waters of the Pacific, the Crimson Sea and the Indian Ocean. The peculiar name of the fish comes from its joyful coloring and active behavior. They dwell in symbiosis with anemones.

10. Parrot Parrot

A parrotfish is named because of its own bird's beak, which it uses to crush and eat small invertebrates, which live in corals.