Top 10 amazing facts about DNA

DNA underlies all life on Earth. Deoxyribonucleic acid provides storage, transfer and realization of everything that is inherent in each of us at the genetic level. The study of this unique molecule is dedicated to dozens of scientists around the world, constantly making amazing discoveries.

Some of them are included in our today's Top-10 amazing facts about DNA .


  • 10. Each human cell contains 47 DNA molecules
  • 9. The human genome is not the longest
  • 8. DNA can be artificially implanted with foreign genes
  • 7. DNA proves: Neanderthals and humans interbred
  • 6. One person canhave two sets of DNA
  • 5. DNA - the world's best carrier of information
  • 4. DNA will revolutionize the criminalistics of
  • 3. The formation of the human genome was participated by the viruses
  • 2. DNA proved that the Vikings discovered America
  • 1. The DNA of the outstanding inhabitants of the Earth xpThere are 47 DNA molecules in each cell of the

    . But if the DNA of all cells of our body is "unwound", they will stretch for 16 billion kilometers. That is, a distance of about Earth to Pluto and back or 30 times from Earth to the Sun, and then back.

    9. Human Genome - Not the Longest

    Scientists study the genome of not only animals, but also plants. So, the flowering plant Paris japonica from Japan is the owner of the of the longest genome - about 150 billion base pairs. That is about 50 times the established length of the human genome.

    8. In the chain of DNA, it is possible to artificially introduce alien

    genes. So in 2006 scientists deduced piglets that emit a pleasant green glow. To do this, a protein gene, borrowed from the green fluorescent green of the jellyfish, was "embedded" in the chain of the pig's DNA.Moreover, not only the skin is shining in the pigs, but also all internal organs.

    7. DNA proves: Neanderthals and humans interbred

    Tens of thousands of years ago, two branches of human development uniquely crossed and produced offspring. This was told by scientists about the DNA of skeletons found in Italy, whose age is 35-40 thousand years.

    6. One person may have two sets of DNA

    Some pregnancies begin with the development of twins, but gradually one of the embryos "takes in" the other at the earliest stage of development. The resulting people sometimes find themselves carrying two different sets of DNA.

    5. DNA - the world's best carrier of information

    Scientists from Harvard managed to "crack" the DNA code and find out that in its one gram can store 700 terabytes of information. To store such a volume on the media we used, it would take 150 kg of hard drives.

    4. DNA will revolutionize forensics

    Already, specialists are able to identify a person by the remains of the so-called "DNA touch".These tracks remain in fingerprints, which forensics find at the crime scene.


    viruses took part in the formation of the human genome At least 8% of our genome was generated by various viruses. Their genetic code is embedded in the human in the course of long millennia of evolution, becoming part of the normal DNA of each of us.

    2. DNA proved that the Vikings discovered America

    DNA analysis of four Icelandic families showed that their genetic code has features characteristic of Native Americans. Consequently, the harsh Vikings brought their wives from the mainland, which was officially opened centuries later.

    1. The DNA of the outstanding inhabitants of the Earth is stored in the Space

    In 2008, the Union delivered to the ISS the "Disc of Immortality", on which the genetic code of the earthlings that were outstanding in this or that region was recorded. For example, on the disk there are digitized DNA physicist Stephen Hawking and Playboy model Joe Garcia."The disk of immortality" is designed to help revive humanity in the event of an apocalypse.