Top 10 things you can not do during pregnancy

Waiting for a child is one of the most exciting periods in the life of every woman. Pregnancy imposes certain restrictions, to know about which is important for every future mother. After all, the implementation of simple rules will help to maintain the health of the baby.

Today we offer Top-10 things that can not be done during pregnancy .It will not have common myths, such as the ban on hair cutting. All the things that will be discussed in our Top, really increase the risk of development of problems with the health of mother and child.

10. Pregnant women should not abuse strong tea and coffee.

Caffeine in large quantities can affect the development of the nervous system of the child, as well as cause an extremely undesirable increase in blood pressure in the mother. The best drinks during pregnancy will be pure water, rose hips infusion, loose green tea and herbal teas allowed by the doctor.

9. Bath and sauna can cause overheating, increased pressure, breathing problems.

Similar things are not uncommon even for those women who have long been accustomed to visiting the steam room. Do not benefit and bathing in a cold pool, which is usually practiced after the steam room. You can not also do steaming masks and wraps.

8. Hydromassage and vibro-massage can be performed only with the permission of a doctor who observes a pregnant woman.

The hardware procedures can increase pressure, and also increase muscle tone, which is unsafe if there is a threat of miscarriage. Any physiotherapy procedures are also performed only after consultation with the doctor.

7. Use of medicines without consulting a doctor.

Any self-medication during pregnancy is prohibited. This applies even to such non-dangerous, seemingly, situations, as a cold. Without a doctor's permission, you can not even use topical drugs: ointments, sprays, drops.

6. Sunburn in a solarium and a prolonged stay in the sun is not strongly recommended during pregnancy.

It is proven that ultraviolet intensifies the production of thyroid hormones and adrenal glands, as well as male sex hormones in the body of a woman. Such disruptions in the work of the body are fraught with the development of the threat of termination of pregnancy and problems with the health of the baby. Pregnant women can not intentionally sunbathe even when using sunscreen.

5. Sugar substitutes according to some studies may have a carcinogenic effect and problems with the development of the child's nervous system.

A widespread sweetener of aspartame is banned not only during pregnancy, but also during breastfeeding. The effect of sweeteners is not sufficiently studied, in any case, you can not take risks, even if they were used before pregnancy.

4. Active sports: horse riding, mountain skiing, rock climbing, weightlifting.

Such loads are fraught with trauma and the development of the threat of miscarriages. Doctors recommend that during pregnancy pay attention to long walks in the fresh air, swimming and special gymnastics for expectant mothers. It is useful to do breathing exercises, which are taught in the preparation courses for childbirth.

3. Alcohol and narcotic substances are on the list of unambiguously prohibited things.

The risk of abortion with a systematic use of alcohol increases 10 times. Dozens of times the use of drugs and alcohol increases the risk of the birth of a dead child, the development of intrauterine pathologies. Babies of smoking mothers more often than others demonstrate a backwardness in development.

2. Radiography and fluorography can adversely affect the development of the baby.

Similar studies can not be done, starting from the third week until the end of pregnancy. If there is a need for research, then the ratio of benefits from it and the potential risk to the child is determined only by the doctor.

1. Lifting heaviness raises the tone of the uterus, provoking a threat of abortion.

You can not lift any thing heavier than 3 kg. When lifting an object from the floor, it is better to sit down than to bow your back, loading the lower back. Lifting weights is especially dangerous if accompanied by jerks and other abrupt movements. Great care requires doing housework.