Rating of food additives hazardous to health

It is nice to be able to store foods for a long time and enjoy their improved taste, but excessive addiction to food additives and sweeteners can lead to a variety of troubles: from obesity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to cancer and cardiovascular diseases. After spending only a few minutes to view the rating of the health-hazardous food additives , you can save yourself and your loved ones from many problems in the future.


5. Aspartame( E951)

  • 4. Artificial food coloring
  • 3. Sodium nitrite( E250)
  • 2. Sodium glutamate( E621)
  • 1. Trans fats
  • 5. Aspartame( E951)

    This chemically created substituteThe sugar consists of aspartic acid and phenylalanine in methylated form. Forms in the body of poison - methanol. Regular consumption of aspartame can lead to migraine, convulsions, loss of vision, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis.

    • In addition to toxicity, aspartame contributes to weight gain, causing cravings for carbohydrates. A study of 80,000 women conducted by the American Cancer Society showed that those who used the E951 gained more weight than those who did not use aspartame products.
    • This may be due to the fact that we too often equate a "diet" with products that say "without sugar" and "contains a sugar substitute" for permission to eat more.

    4. Artificial food dyes

    Animal studies have shown that some additives that improve the color of the products can cause cancer. This applies to artificial dyes E-133 and E-132( blue), E-142 and E-143( green), E-129, E-124 and E-123( red), E-110 and E-102( yellow).

    • These dyes are made of coal tar. Who would consciously consume it for food?
    • Artificial food colors can provoke hyperactivity in children, and cause allergic reactions.

    3. Sodium Nitrite( E250)

    Occurs in smoked products such as bacon, corned beef, ham and smoked fish.

    • With its help, meat and fish are preserved and red meat is stabilized. Imagine a gray hot dog with no E250.However, if products with sodium nitrite are exposed to high temperatures( for example, when baking fries), they can react with the products of the decomposition of amino acids. In this case, nitrosamines are formed. These dangerous compounds are highly carcinogenic. In laboratory studies, researchers inject these compounds into laboratory mice when they want to provoke cancer.
    • Eating processed meat with a large amount of E250 was associated with cases of pancreatic cancer and stomach cancer.

    2. Sodium glutamate( E621)

    Top-5 harmful food additives simply could not do without this amino acid, widely used as a taste enhancer in fast food dinners, fast food, condiments, salad dressings, chips, etc. Glutamate sodium is so "woven" into our food chain that it will be very difficult to find a product without it.

    • E621 in small amounts does not harm health, however its large doses in studies on rats caused loss of vision and thinning of the retina.
    • And in a study involving 752 healthy Chinese residents, it was revealed that the use of sodium glutamate increases the chances of gaining weight.
    • In addition, the need to add artificial flavor means that the manufacturer does not rely on good food ingredients, which will give the product a natural attractive odor.

    1. Trans fat

    Artificial trans fats are produced by adding hydrogen molecules to unsaturated liquid oil. They can be found in potato chips, margarine, popcorn and other products.

    • When consuming trans fats, the risk of cardiovascular disease is higher when compared with saturated fats.
    • Saturated fats, which are found, for example, in butter, cheese and beef, really increase the overall level of cholesterol, but trans fats "went" even further. They both increase the total level of cholesterol, and reduce the level of good cholesterol. And he protects from heart disease.

    Before buying, check the labels for food in search of the additives described above, and skip those products that contain them.