Rating of air conditioners in apartment 2016 for reliability

In conditions of global warming the air conditioner from the category "luxury" turns into "necessity".In choosing a particular model, rating of air conditioners will help you in the apartment of 2016 for reliability , compiled according to the users of Yandex. Market.


  • The best air conditioners for the 2016 apartment
    • 10. Aeronik ASO / ASI-07HP1
    • 9. Panasonic CS-HE18QKD / CU-HE18QKD
    • 7. GREEN GRI / GRO-09HS1
    • 6. PanasonicCS-HE7QKD / CU-HE7QKD
    • 5. Panasonic CS-E12RKDW / CU-E12RKD
    • 4. Panasonic CS-E7RKDW / CU-E7RKD
    • 3. Panasonic CS-E9RKDW / CU-E9RKD
    • 2. Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-SF25VE / MUZ-SF25VE
    • 1. Daikin FTXB20C / RXB20C

The best air conditioners for the 2016 apartment

10. Aeronik ASO / ASI-07HP1

Average price: 16 000 rubles.

Opens the top 10 air conditioners, a hardy model of Chinese manufacturers that can work long and productively with large temperature changes: if there is more than 40 degrees of heat outside the window, then in the room - from the force of 20. There is an air purification filter, or rather a multifilter consistingof six separate filters, as well as the drying function.

9. Airwell HHF 007 RC

Average price: 16 000 rubles.

Affordable price, quality is good, cools quickly, and also equipped with a curtain, regulating the flow direction. The kit includes a remote control. The only drawback is a short wire.

8. Panasonic CS-HE18QKD / CU-HE18QKD

Average price: 97 000 rubles.

This model delivers the air upwards, so it seems that the temperature in the apartment changes by itself. There is a mode for humidity control, quiet mode, filter from bio contamination and dust and many other settings. Technology Econavi will allow you to use the air conditioner as economically as possible. The air conditioner comes with a remote control.


Average price: 14 000 rubles.

The cheapest position in the rating, but "cheap" is not always synonymous with "bad".The air conditioner cools well, there is a choice of several modes and the function of memorizing the settings.

6. Panasonic CS-HE7QKD / CU-HE7QKD

Average price: 56 000 rubles.

Stylish design with a silver strip of another Panasonic product will not look foreign in any apartment. There is a mode of super fast cooling, quiet mode, ionizer, humidity control and air purification;Moreover, with the help of sensors the conditioner determines where exactly people are in the room and directs air flows to their side. The only negative - the air conditioner is supplied only in white color.

5. Panasonic CS-E12RKDW / CU-E12RKD

Average price: 59 000 rubles.

Very quiet, economical inverter air conditioner quickly reaches the required air temperature in the room and keeps it as long as it takes. There is a fine filter, which allows you to breathe clean air without dust.

4. Panasonic CS-E7RKDW / CU-E7RKD

Average price: 49 000 rubles.

Convenient function on / off the device by timer. Very quickly cool / warm the air in the room, while completely eliminating the presence of "dead" areas near the floor or ceiling. It is possible to adjust the speed of rotation of the fan and the direction of the air. The fine filter can be removed and rinsed under running water.

3. Panasonic CS-E9RKDW / CU-E9RKD

Average price: 51 300 rubles.

Panasonic models consistently enter the best air conditioners. With the help of the remote, you can control the position of the blinds both vertically and horizontally, and two vertical curtains allow you to direct the flow exactly where you need it. The Nanoe-G mode cleans the air of dust and bio pollutants. For fans of cooking or, say, burning on wood, a deodorizing filter is designed.

2. Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-SF25VE / MUZ-SF25VE

Average price: 63 550 rubles.

Quiet and economical air conditioner Mitsubishi occupies an honorable second place in the ranking of air conditioners. Thanks to the antibacterial filter and ionizer, it will refresh the air and clean it of dust. The air conditioner is so quiet that you can understand that it works, you can only put your hand under the blinds. The only drawback - the console without lighting.

1. Daikin FTXB20C / RXB20C

Average price: 44 500 rubles.

And the first place in the ranking of air conditioners in 2016 for reliability and quality is the split system of the Japanese company Daikin, which has been creating climate equipment for almost a century. The case is made in high-quality matte plastic, excellent build quality, cools and heats. But there are also disadvantages: there is no temperature control in the drying mode - a feature that many cheaper air conditioners have.