Best SLR cameras for beginners, 2014 rating

There are different types of cameras. Particularly popular in recent times are SLR cameras. They are now being used not only by professional photographers who shoot weddings and other solemn events, but also beginners. It is for the latter that we will find the right equipment.

We present to you Top-5 best SLR cameras for beginners , which included models costing up to 20 000 rubles. These cameras are cheaper than professional. But many models are worthy of the beginning photographer's attention.

  • 5. Canon EOS 1100D
  • 4. Nikon D3100 Kit
  • 3. Canon EOS 600D Kit
  • 2. Nikon D3200 Kit
  • 1. Nikon D5100 Kit

5. Canon EOS 1100D

Opens our rating the most compact camera in the world,its dimensions are 116.8 × 90.7 × 69.4 mm, the weight of such a device is only 407 grams. Despite the small size, it is very functional. The 18-megapixel camera gives you the opportunity to get good photos and videos. It will be pleasant to please the user of the device 9-point autofocus. Due to the good photosensitivity( range up to 1600 ISO), it is possible to get beautiful pictures in conditions with very low illumination. Shoot video in Full HD format( 1920 × 1080p).The camera is perfect for a beginner photographer.

On average, such a device can be bought for 16 000 rubles.

4. Nikon D3100 Kit

Introducing another mirror for beginners. Its dimensions are 125x97x74 mm, weight - 505 g. Nikon D3100 Kit is equipped with a 14.8-megapixel camera and an electronic rangefinder. The sensitivity of the matrix is ​​up to 3200 ISO units. The camera has several exposure modes. With this camera you can shoot video in HD( 1280х720р) and Full HD( 1920х1080р).

It costs about 19 000 rubles.

3. Canon EOS 600D Kit

Such a mirror camera will give the user unlimited possibilities for creativity. Its dimensions are 133x100x80 mm, weight - 570 g. The 18-megapixel camera has a good photosensitivity matrix( up to 12800 ISO).Recording video with a resolution of 1920x1080p.

The price starts from 17 000 rubles.

2. Nikon D3200 Kit

The SLR camera is equipped with a 24-megapixel sensor. Thanks to the 11-point autofocus system, you can get clear photos, even if you shoot dynamic objects. There is a function for auto-matching the scene. It will be very useful for beginners. Since the scene mode will be defined and set in automatic mode. Dimensions of the device: 125x96x77, and weight - 455 g. Video can be shot in Full HD( resolution - 1920x1080p).There is such a camera near 20 000 rub.

1. Nikon D5100 Kit

The best SLR camera for the beginning photographer .Its dimensions: 128x97x79 mm, and weight - 510 g. Thanks to the image processing system EXPEED 2 and the matrix of 16.9-megapixels, you can get good pictures using this device. The camera is equipped with a swivel-folding 3-inch display with a variable angle. It is possible to take unique pictures from interesting angles. The winner of our 2014 rating has a matrix - up to 6400 ISO.

You can buy such a camera at the price of from 16 000 rub.