Top-10 anesthetizing food products

Modern medicine has developed a huge number of drugs that help people get rid of the pain. But do they solve the problem, because of which there is pain? In addition, many chemicals have side effects. There are many ways to relieve pain. The most natural is the consumption of foods that contain substances that help reduce pain, reducing chronic pain. These are food products of vegetable origin, which are necessary for a person for proper nutrition and normal life. Using them for food, the body's health improves.


  • 10. Whole grains
  • 9. Ginger
  • 8. Turmeric
  • 7. Olive oil
  • 6. Salmon
  • 5. Nuts
  • 4. Strawberry
  • 3. Greens
  • 2. Dairy products
  • 1. Grape wine( or better- juice!)

10. Whole grains

- contain everything that our body needs for productive work. In the shell of the grain, there are many vitamins and minerals that help the intestine work. And magnesium helps to relieve muscle pain. The use of whole grains lowers the level of low density cholesterol by a third, which reduces heart pain and reduces the level of cardiovascular diseases.

9. Ginger

- used in Indian medicine as an active analgesic. Ginger root relieves muscular pain caused by physical exertion by 25 percent. The intake of heat-treated ginger( namely, in this form most people consume his food) can have an anesthetic effect on the person.

8. Turmeric

- the roots of this plant are used in Chinese medicine. They are used as an analgesic, metabolism-increasing agent. The rhizome of this plant is an analgesic for menstrual irregularities. Inside it is used in the form of a decoction, infusion and powder. It is most convenient to use in cooking as a seasoning for food. Rinse with turmeric broth reduces sore throat and restores vocal cords.

7. Olive oil

- eliminates headaches no worse than tablets of analgin. This is caused by substances contained in the oil, which in their action correspond to the action of ibuprofen contained in the preparations of the analgesic direction. Oleacanthal, the component found in olive oil, which helps reduce pain.

6. Salmon

- recommended by doctors around the world as a way to increase endurance, because it contains a large number of omega-3 fatty acids, which protect against headaches and joint pain, prevents the formation of blood clots.

5. Nuts

is a highly active drug. Its fruits contain calcitonin, a substance that, as shown by clinical studies, has an analgesic effect. Antioxidants contained in walnuts increase human immunity and exert antitumor effect.

4. Strawberry

- its leaves, prepared as a decoction, have an anesthetic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory effect. Berries, doctors and nutritionists recommend to use only with dairy products, because of the destructive effect of oxalic acid, found in berries.

3. Greens

- saffron, tarragon, parsley, dill contain essential oils, which help to activate blood circulation. What helps to increase the adaptive abilities of the body. And as a consequence, the reduction of pain symptoms increase the immunity and increase the vital activity of a person.

2. Dairy products

- only in dairy calcium products is in an easily digestible form, which is well balanced with fluoride. Therefore, the use of dairy products helps to cope with headaches, the cause of which is a lack of calcium in the body.

1. Grape wine( or better - juice!)

- contains easily digestible carbohydrates( glucose, fructose), organic acids( tartaric, malic), minerals( potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese), vitamin C and B vitamins. Grape juice has a good effect on heart function, has a laxativeand diuretic, analgesic action.