The most fashionable autumn-winter trends 2016-2017

Autumn came and beautiful dresses, skirts and trousers hid under jackets. But this does not mean that it's time to abandon the fashion trends in autumn 2016 and winter of 2017 .After flashing dress to colleagues or classmates - a sacred cause.

Having made a selection of the most popular fashionable Russian and foreign resources, we present to you the most popular trends of this autumn and the coming winter.


  • 10. Masculine against female
  • 9. Layered
  • 8. Glamor of 80's
  • 7. Color favorites of autumn
  • 6. More pleating
  • 5. Lots of corduroy
  • 4. Just suede
  • 3. Leather clothes
  • 2.Fur
  • 1. Embroidery and lace

10. Masculine against female

Perhaps the most unusual trend of the autumn-winter season 2016-2017 is the use of men's accessories and clothing details to emphasize certain aspects of femininity.

For example, at one of the shows, Ralph Lauren dressed one of his models in a gorgeous plaid blazer and trousers paired with an ensemble of shirt and tie. A fashion designer Jason Woo - in a gray men's sweater and light gray pants under his coat, but at the same time on the legs of the model were beautiful feminine shoes.

9. Multilayered

It's good to look good in autumn and winter, this is of course important, but keeping the body warm is also not the last task. For example, a long dress over a turtleneck will "kill" two birds with one stone and it will be fashionable and not cold.

8. Glamor of the 80's

Fashion houses decided that the autumn of 2016 is the time to move to the past, choosing for the outfit contrasting prints and stellar drawings. If in your closet there are several skirts with a zip fastener, safely put on. Now they are again in the fashion favorites, like dresses made of leather, as well as fishnet stockings.

7. Color favorites of the autumn

The desire for peace, strength and optimism inspired the winter color palette of 2017.At its head is a blue color. In addition to it there was a place and bright colors, such as pink, orange and red, as well as gray and mustard colors.

The shades of blue represent constancy, like the sky above your head. Gray gives a sense of stability, red tones instill a sense of confidence and warmth, while pink and mustard inspire a feeling of something gentle and exotic.

6. More pleating

One of the main trends in the autumn of 2016 is pleated pleated clothing. So designer Alessandro Michele created a pleated midi skirt in a tempting combination with lace underwear.

5. Lots of corduroy

Velveteen is an expressive texture that is soft to the touch and looks great, with a light twinkle and the ability to keep warm and protect you from the cold. Corduroy trouser suit is not only a tribute to the fashion of 2016, but also a curtsey towards the 80's. It is perfect for a business lady who does not want to lag behind fashion. A short black velvet dress with floral prints as on the model from Fendi - a good choice for a young girl.

4. Just suede

Passes decades, but suede is barely out of fashion. It was especially fashionable in the 70s of the 20th century, in 2015 it left the stage and again triumphantly returned a year later. Suede clothing is one of the most practical and wearable, it has a pleasant shine and is soft enough to not irritate the sensitive skin. Ralph Lauren's suede trouser suits look like a man's solid, expensive and very comfortable. And Darek Lam created for the autumn collection of colored suede skirts-pencil midi-size.

3. Leather clothes

Many women in the wardrobe have leather jackets, coats and skirts. It's time to get them out of the closets. Clothes made of genuine leather and synthetic substitutes for wear in autumn 2016 can and should be used. For example, it will look great leather skirts of black color, to the middle of caviar or leather pants in combination with a sweater.

2. Fur of the

If we see clothes with pieces of fur here and there or a lot of fur around the whole product, there is no doubt: we have a representative of the newest collection of this autumn. Bunches of fur appeared on clothes from Tory Burch. Fluffy lapels are visible on things from Kelvin Klein, while fur rounded collars are the fashionable "trick" of Roxanda Ilinchich.

1. Embroidery and lace

The most feminine and most fashionable in the autumn-winter season 2016-2017 is a gorgeous lace dress. It can be supplemented by a variety of things, such as a leather jacket, or an elongated coat. Add the beauty of embroidery to the dress with lace and here is the best fashionable trend of 2016-2017.