Rating of the richest wives of Russian officials - Forbes

Who lives well in Russia? We do not know whether the wives of the Russian servants of the people are thinking about this issue, but, thanks to Forbes, we know their incomes, which it is quite possible to live well. In total, the rating of the richest wives of officials and the deputies included 30 women. The seats were allocated on the basis of declarations submitted in 2014.


10. Wife of Hikmet Mamedov

  • 9. Wife of Mikhail Mishustin
  • 8. Tatyana Fleginskaya
  • 7. Lubov Yanov's
  • 6. Larissa Kalanda
  • 5. Elena Nekrasova
  • 4. Svetlana Kiyko
  • 3. Ekaterina Vainshtein
  • 2. Olga Gruzdeva
  • 1. Olga Bogomaz
  • 10. Wife of Hikmet Mamedov

    Condition: 131 million rubles.

    Hikmet Mammadov, one of the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the EAO, owns the company "Breeder", which supplies meat delicacies to residents of the Far East. His wife owns such assets as shops, a bus station and a paper shop.

    9. Spouse of Mikhail Mishustin

    Condition: 160.1 million rubles.

    Mikhail Mishustin is the head of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, and before that he was president of the Russian private equity fund UFG.His wife works in one of the fund's structures. Revenue, declared to it in 2014, consists of selling cars, salaries, deposits and funds from sale in installments of assets.

    8. Tatiana Fleginskaya

    Condition: 178.7 million rubles.

    Spouse Alexander Fleginsky, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Perm Krai, is the founder of Very Velly, which controls three cinemas in Perm and Izhevsk.

    7. Love Yanov

    Condition: 206.6 million rubles.

    A companion to the life of Nikolai Yanov, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region. He founded the company "Artel-S", which is engaged in the construction of a business class in Chelyabinsk, and recorded it for his wife. Also on Yanov is recorded and the company "Construction machinery and equipment", whose general director is her husband.

    6. Larissa Kalanda

    Condition: 334.5 million rubles.

    The wife of Vladimir Kalanda, the first deputy director of the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation, is a state secretary and vice-president of Rosneft. The business lady owns 0.02% of the shares of this company.

    5. Elena Nekrasova

    Status: 436 million rubles.

    He is married to State Duma deputy Alexander Nekrasov and owns a number of companies that are members of the construction holding "Leader Group".

    4. Svetlana Kiyko

    Condition: 548.1 million rubles.

    Married to Mikhail Kiyko, Deputy.director of the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia. Kyyko himself gets many times less than his wife, and he does not have his own car or housing. In 2003, Svetlana and her father-in-law Yuri Kiyko created the Alloplant-M company, which sells pharmaceuticals and medical goods. In 2005, she bought an 11% stake in Saratovneftegeofizika, and a year later she owned 30% of the shares. Most of the income received in 2014, Kiyko received through the sale of these shares.

    3. Ekaterina Vainshtein

    Condition: 598.5 million rubles.

    The wife of State Duma Deputy Sergei Vainshtein is a proud owner of about 100 pairs of shoes, including elite Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti. She owns the Institute of Beauty and Health "Lotos", which is a division of the medical center of the same name. In 2011, the "Dialysis Center" was opened at the medical center, and four more branches in the Chelyabinsk region were soon opened. Thanks to the sale of this project to the German company B. Braun in 2014, Catherine fell into the rating. She also owns the assets transferred by her husband during the election of Weinstein to the lower house of parliament.

    2. Olga Gruzdeva

    Condition: 619.5 million rubles.

    The former model, and now the wife of Vladimir Gruzdev, governor of the Tula region, has devoted herself to caring for the family. At various times, she owned the shares of the bank "Finservice", "The Seventh Continent" and the company "Fashion Continent"( trademarks Incity and Deseo).Now in the CIS countries there are 450 outlets Incity.

    1. Olga Bogomaz

    Condition: 695.4 million rubles.

    The wife of Alexander Bogomaz, the acting governor of the Bryansk region, topped the top 10 wealthiest wives of those in power. Together with her husband, she raised the family business - potato growing. Currently, 60% of potatoes supplied to X5 Retail Group stores are collected in the fields of the Bogomaz Farm. In addition to potatoes, barley, soybeans, corn, and wheat are grown on the farm, and in 2014 Bogomaz bought two dairy farms.