The highest paid players of Russia 2015

In times of crisis, someone else's salary is more interesting than ever. How many officials, actors, football players get. At least, to the question: "How much?" The players managed to get an answer.

The highest paid players of the Russian Federation in 2015 are ranked according to the income per year minus taxes, including salary and subscription bonus( divided by the number of years prescribed in the contract).The current unrest of the ruble has not passed and the players: some of them prefer to receive money in currency - dollars or euros. As you can imagine, their ruble income for the past year has increased at least 2.5 times.

However, over the past year, the most expensive football clubs have not been able to grind a single footballer, and for whatever reason - let the reader guess himself.


  • 10. Artyom Dzyuba
  • 9. Manuel Fernandes
  • 8. Mubarak Bussufa
  • 7. Axel Witsel
  • 6. Igor Denisov
  • 5. Vedran Corluka
  • 4. Javi Garcia
  • 3. Esekyel Garay
  • 2. Alexander Kokorin
  • 1Givanildu Vieira de Sousa( Hulk)

10. Artyom Dzyuba

The rating of the Russian football players with the highest salaries is opened by the striker of the St. Petersburg football club Zenit. In a year he receives a modest amount of 3.6 million euros. Not bad for twenty-eight years.

9. Manuel Fernandes

Manuel once represented the national team of Portugal, but decided to move to Russia and became a midfielder of the club "Locomotive" in Moscow. This devotee of football to the depths of the soul a man once even played to the final whistle with a crack in the dice! He receives 3.8 million euros a year - for the sake of this you can suffer Russian frosts.

8. Mubarak Boussoufa

Despite the southern name and the appropriate appearance, this descendant of Moroccan descendants was born in Amsterdam, so he does not get used to the fog and slush. Now he stands for the Moroccan national team and receives a salary in the Moscow "Locomotive" - ​​3.9 million euros.

7. Axel Witsel

Central midfielder of the St. Petersburg "Zenith" with an afro hairstyle has a harsh character: in 2009, Witsel was disqualified for 8 games for injuring the Polish player Marcin Wasilewski. Now it is getting richer by 4 million euros annually.

6. Igor Denisov

When Igor was 16 years old, the coach told him that because of the too thick "fifth point" he could never play football well. However Igor became the deserved master of sports of Russia, the midfielder of "Dynamo-Moscow" and the player of the Russian national team. Despite the explosive nature and the propensity to beat the television cameras, the football player continues to play and receives for this 4 million euros per year.

5. Vedran Čorluka

A native of Croatia, after hitting the Moscow "Lokomotiv", immediately scored a goal in the goal of "Mordovia", then became the main central defender, the best player of the season for the assessment of fans and eventually the team captain. In the year, Vedran earns 4.4 million euros.

4. Xavi Garcia

This hot Spanish guy receives 4.5 million euros per year, being the supporting midfielder of the St. Petersburg "Zenith".

3. Essekiel Garay

A young Argentinian in the first match for the St. Petersburg Zenit made a critical mistake, causing the defeat of his team with a score of 1: 0.There is a version that the error happened because of the fatigue of the football player - just a couple of weeks ago he played in the World Cup finals. Apparently, this is true, since Garay continues to play and he is paid 5 million euros per year.

2. Alexander Kokorin

Alexander started his football career still very young - from the age of nine he began to live in boarding school at the sports school "Locomotive"( Moscow).Kokorin scored his first goal in the "serious" match( Russian championship) at seventeen. Now Alexander - vice-captain and striker Moscow "Dynamo with an annual salary of 5 million euros.

1. Givanildu Vieira de Sousa( Hulk)

Leading in the ranking of the richest football players , playing for Russia with a rather large margin. In a year he receives 7 million euros, ahead of the second place by 2 million euros. In 2012, he bought out the St. Petersburg "Zenith" for 60 million euros. Interestingly, of this amount, the footballer himself for a couple with the agent received 10 million euros, and most( 40 million) went to his previous club, "Porto".With his native Brazilian national team, he received in 2012 a silver Olympic medal.