Rating of the most powerful nuclear power plants( NPPs) in the world

In connection with the terrible events that have occurred in Japan, nuclear power plants are increasingly attracting the attention of the media, and cause a huge amount of what power stations are more: benefits or dangers. But still these power plants require just a tiny amount of fuel, which is an undeniable advantage over other types of power plants, while the costs of building nuclear power plants are equal or only slightly higher than the similar costs for the construction of TPPs. To date, there are more than 400 nuclear power plants in the world, and those that are presented below are included in the rating of the most powerful nuclear power plants in the world .

Table of Contents:

  • 10. Wintersburg
  • 9. Ochi( Ohi)
  • 8. Bruce( Bruce County)
  • 7. Cattenom
  • 6. Paluel
  • 5. Nord
  • 4. Yonvan(Yeonggwang)
  • 3. Zaporizhzhya NPP
  • 2. Kashiwazaki-Kariwa
  • 1. Fukushima I and II

10. Wintersburg

Location: United States, Arizona

This is the largest nuclear facility in the US, itprovides energy for about four million people, generating 3.2 GW of electricity, and its maximum capacity is 3,942 MW.The power plant occupies 16 km2.

9. Ohi( ASI)

Location: Japan, Fukui

The station, with a total capacity of 4 494 MW, consists of 4 reactors.

8. Bruce County

Location: Canada, Ontario

In North America, this is the largest nuclear facility, with a maximum power of 4 693 MW.It consists of eight reactors, to date of which six are used.

7. Cattenom

Location: France, Lorraine

The full capacity of the station is 5,200 MW, there are 4 working reactors in it. The station is a small area.

6. Paluel

Location: France, Upper Normandy

The station is located in an unexpectedly small village in the north of France, and the entire population of this settlement works at a power plant.5 320 MW is the total capacity of the nuclear power plant.

5. Nord( Nord)

Location: France, Gravlin

This is the largest nuclear facility in France, and there are more than 50 reactors in the country. The total capacity of this facility is 5 460 MW.

4. Yeongwang

Location: South Korea

The first reactor of the station was put into operation in 1986, and at the moment the maximum capacity that the station can issue is 5,875 MW.

3. Zaporizhzhya NPP

Location: Ukraine, Zaporozhye

This power plant is the largest in Europe and the largest electricity supplier in Ukraine. It consists of six reactors. The maximum capacity is 6,000 MW.

2. Kashiwazaki-Kariwa

Location: Japan

The new generation nuclear power plant includes five BWR reactors and two are ABWRs that are not currently used anywhere else. The maximum capacity of the station is 7,965 MW.

1. Fukushima I and II

Location: Japan, Fukushima

Since these two power plants are located only 11 km apart, they can be considered one nuclear power plant. Both power plants were badly hit by the earthquake and tsunami, 4 of the 6 reactors are severely damaged. But before the disaster it was the most powerful nuclear power plant in the world, the maximum output power of which was 8,814 MW.

Author: Alena Kashtanova