The best operating systems for smartphones in 2015

American company IDC( International Data Corporation), conducting market research around the world, periodically publishes data on the most popular operating systems for smartphones. The most recent study today is data for the second quarter of 2015.On 99.3 percent of smartphones sold in the second quarter of 2015, one of the three best mobile operating systems was installed: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The market shares between them were distributed as follows:

3 place. Windows Phone is a mobile operating system developed by the American company Microsoft. It is installed on 2.6% of smartphones sold in the second quarter of 2015, showing a slight increase compared to the same quarter of 2014, when it accounted for 2.5% of the sold smartphones. In 2013, it accounted for 3.4% of the market, so the constant growth can not speak. Due to the small market share and the vague prospects, the number of applications for Windows Phone is noticeably inferior to the number of applications for Android and iOS, however the Windows Phone Store application store can meet almost any needs, The number of applications in it exceeds 300 thousand. This is the winner of the rating of the best smartphones within 15 thousand rubles - Nokia Lumia 830.

2 place. iOS is an operating system for smartphones, electronic tablets and portable players developed by the American company Apple. The share of iOS in the market of mobile operating systems( 13.9%) accurately reflects the market share of iPhones in the smartphone market,iOS is installed only on iPhones( smartphones from Apple), while Android and Windows Phone are used by various smartphone manufacturers. The share of the iOS market for the year increased: in the first quarter of 2014 it was 11.6%.In 2012, the figures were better than now - 16.6%.The number of applications for iOS in the App Store exceeds one million.

1 place. Android is an operating system for smartphones and many other devices. Originally developed by the Californian company Android Inc., which was then bought by the US search giant Google. The Android share on the OS market is 82.8%, slightly down from last year's 84.8%.The number of applications for Android in the store of Google Play applications exceeds 1.43 million. This is the winner of the ranking of the best smartphones in 2015 - Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 32Gb.

Chart of changes in market shares between Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry( this operating system had a 4.9% share three years ago, and now only 0.3%) and other OS for the last 4 years: