Top 3 advantages of LEDs over other types of lamps

Many devices are based on the use of LED technology today. The basis of all - the LED, also called light emitting diode or LED.This semiconductor device is designed to convert an electric current into light.

The device consists of a body with contact terminals, a semiconductor crystal on the substrate, and an optical system. The brightness of the glow depends on the amperage, but remember that it should remain within reasonable limits, because when the device is overloaded, the device may overheat and fail. As a result, this technology has a number of advantages.

1. Energy saving

Unlike a fluorescent lamp and an incandescent lamp, the current in the diode is converted directly into radiation, excluding the intermediate links. This leads to significant energy savings. A significant advantage is the absence of IR and UV radiation, which makes the diode harmless. With a normal power supply, it practically does not heat up, which prevents possible breakdowns. Also it should be taken into account that the LED is a low-voltage device, which also guarantees safety.

2. Reliability and durability

Light-emitting diodes are characterized by increased durability, which guarantees their relative resistance to mechanical influences. Due to high reliability, their service life is up to 100 thousand hours, which exceeds the possible lifetime of the fluorescent lamp by 10 times, incandescent lamps - in 100. The light is the purest because the LED emits in the narrow part of the spectrum. This quality guarantees the most accurate color reproduction, which is important for people engaged in creative activity.

3. Small size

The original solution for creating an interior of a home and office can be LED panels. The case differs in its fineness, it makes no more than 15 mm, which allows to save considerable space. It is possible to install LED panels not only on the ceiling, but also on walls, and also as a highlight of architectural objects. In addition to the classic white color, it is also possible to install colored panels that are used for decoration.


Color The radiation color directly depends on the width of the band gap in which electron recombination takes place. Significant role is played by the semiconductor material, as well as the use of dopant impurities. Due to the special characteristics of LEDs, they are quite common in statodynamic systems. The use of LEDs based on effective advertising structures, such as LED signs. The use of LED is a practical modern solution that allows the implementation of the most daring ideas.