Chinese smartphones 2014-2015 - the rating of the best models at the beginning of the year!

It should be noted that the Celestial Empire continues to please all smartphone users with new models. By the way, for some reason, Chinese goods are usually called substandard, but if we talk about smartphones, then there are very good models.

Recently, opinions about Chinese smartphones that came out last year are really contradictory. On the one hand, they are talked about, both about quality and affordable. On the other - about substandard, which quickly break. Nevertheless, the leaders are such companies as Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE , which have proved themselves from the best side, that's why they have enough fans.

If we look at the best new smartphones of 2015, we will see that about 40% of Chinese models will have to go on the whole mobile device market. This speaks not only about quality, but also about the price. Indeed, cheap smartphones are Chinese smartphones, you certainly can not argue with that.

1. Phicomm C230W

Based on the ratings of users based on ratings and reviews, the leading position is taken by the budget Chinese smartphone - Phicomm C230W.The model has a number of necessary functions, including a large display, Internet access, RAM, and the ability to significantly increase the amount of memory using a TF card. The mobile device has a dual-core processor, so the model is really high-quality.

2. Jiayu G2F

Next, if you consider Chinese smartphones in 2014, then you should note the model Jiayu G2F.Among the main advantages of the model, we can mention the following: a processor with 4 cores from a well-known manufacturer, a large screen, can support 2 SIM cards, a camera with 8 megapixels and so on. In addition, it should be noted that it works on Android 4.2, has a number of communicative functions, can quickly enter the Internet.

3. ZTE Open C

Some believe that Chinese cheap smartphones do not have the features that modern users should have. To dispel this myth, it's enough to look at the budget model of ZTE Open C. All that is needed for a modern gambler is here: a powerful processor, camera, communications, Internet access, a good battery that can allow a smartphone to work without stops for about 4 hours. At the same time, the weight of the smartphone is hardly more than 100 grams.

If you look at the best Chinese smartphones in 2014-2015, you can understand that there are cheap smartphones and expensive ones that are manufactured in China, they all meet the requirements of modern users.