Full HD TV rating of 2014

In 2014, a large number of devices are sold that do not just produce a very high-quality picture, but actually play the role of computers thanks to the Smart-TV function.

Consider a rating based on customer feedback, and taking into account such an indicator as the "price-quality" ratio.

To compose the description used the catalog of TVs of the popular site RBT.ru


  • 5 place: LG 42LA620V
  • 4. Sony KDL-42W705B
  • 3. Sony KDL-24W605A
  • 2. LG 39LA620V
  • 1. LG 42LA660V

5th place: LG42LA620V

The LCD TV has a diagonal of 42 inches and supports resolutions of 1080p( Full HD) and 720p( HD).The device has a 16: 9 screen format, like all modern televisions. The screen is here with LED-backlighting, it supports 3D mode. The monitor refresh rate is 100 hertz.

This model is equipped with a DVD player, as well as a subwoofer( low-frequency sound amplifier).The TV supports work with the network thanks to Smart TV and Wi-Fi smart TV technology. One of the features of the device is the picture-in-picture function.

The TV works with digital tuners of types DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C and DVB-S( ie, ether, digital, satellite and cable TV).The power consumption of the device is 110 watts.

4. Sony KDL-42W705B

The LCD type here, as in the previous version. There is a LED-backlight and a 3D mode. This TV has a 16: 9 screen format. And its resolution is 1920х1080( Full HD) or 1080х720( HD).Equipment:

  • DVD players,
  • Blu-Ray,
  • subwoofer.

TV is able to access the Internet( this function is provided by Wi-Fi and Smart-TV software).

Features and functions:

  • "picture in picture",
  • support for MKV( video format).

The device supports digital, cable and satellite TV.The price is about 30 thousand rubles.

3. Sony KDL-24W605A

This TV is suitable for small rooms( diagonal - only 24 inches).In the rest it has similar characteristics with the models considered above. Type LCD, LED-backlight, format - 16: 9, HDTV( Full HD 1080p and HD 720p), support for 3D.

The rest of the functional also has no special differences - support for the Internet( Smart TV and Wi-Fi reception), low-frequency amplifier, DVD and Blu-ray players, work with MKV format, support for digital tuners for receiving satellite, digital and cable signalsTV.

2. LG 39LA620V

Advantageous advantage of this model is the price( up to 20 thousand rubles).LCD-screen with LED-backlight, format - 16: 9( Full HD, HD), support for 3D: all this influences the choice of the buyer. Equipped with DVD and Blu-ray players, there is support for the network and Internet access( via Wi-Fi and Smart TV software).Power consumption - 90 Watts, support for various digital tuners( as in the previous model).

1. LG 42LA660V

The leader of the Full HD TV rating in 2014 was the model from LG.The diagonal of the screen is 42 inches, Full HD.The device supports Internet access, TV of various formats( as well as previous models).Power - 110 watts. The cost of this miracle of technology is only about 25 thousand rubles.