Top Ranked Multiplayer 2016

Multivark greatly facilitates the life of modern housewives. Most models included in the rating of the best multivoroks of the year 2016 have a capacity of up to 5 liters, large enough to make food for the whole family. They are equipped with a variety of modes of operation, allowing baking, stewing, steaming, frying and even making yogurt and pasta.

Today we offer a rating of the multivariate in 2016, the best models are based on reviews and estimates on the resource Mixprice.

The evaluation of popularity and allocation of seats is carried out by a special algorithm that analyzes the estimates and reviews of buyers of runet.

  • 10. VITEK VT-4220 SR, 860 W
  • 9. Polaris PMC 0527D, 860 W
  • 8. Cuckoo CMC-HJXT0804F, 1190 W
  • 7. Marta MT-1988, 860 W
  • 6. The Lumme LU-1447, 860 W
  • 5. Philips Bosch MUC24B64, 900 W
  • 4. Philips HD3136 / 03, 980 W
  • 3. VITEK VT 4209, 1700 W
  • 2. Philips HD3165 / 03, 900W
  • 1. Philips HD3197 / 03, 900 W

10. VITEK VT-4220 SR, 860 W

The control panel of this stylish 5-liter multivark is equipped with touch buttons with the function of blocking from unintentional pressing. This model has 50 automatic programs, including: quenching, languishing, frying, cooking, jelly, steaming and multipoing. The latter mode is a find for those who like to cook dishes according to their recipe. It allows you to set the time and temperature.

Price VITEK VT-4220 SR - from 3790 rubles and above.

9. Polaris PMC 0527D, 860 W

Multivark with a bowl with a capacity of 5 liters.and 20 programs of work, including: baking, pilaf, steaming, multipoing, stewing. There are additional options: delayed start, maintaining heat, clock and 3D heating( uniform heating of the bowl).

The price is from 5 260 rub.

8. Cuckoo CMC-HJXT0804F, 1190 W

Small 4-liter multivark( bowl has non-stick coating of titanium) with 14 automatic modes. You can adjust the temperature and cooking time, keep warm for at least a day and delay the start. There is also 3D heating. The feature of the multivark is voice prompts when you press the control buttons. The 2016 rating includes only one device with a similar function.

The cost of the model is 31 990 rubles.

7. Marta MT-1988, 860 W

In a thick-walled bowl with a capacity of 5 liters you can cook for a couple, stew, cook porridge, fry, use as a fryer, do yogurt and dough dishes. The best multivark Marta has 27 automatic and 54 manual programs. A delayed start allows you to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the morning, and auto-warming will not allow the dish to cool down until 24 hours.

Price - starting at 4 599 rub.

6. Lumme LU-1447, 860 W

In reviews, users praise this 5-liter multivark for sensitive touch control, a convenient and intuitive menu, a bright screen and a large number of modes of operation( 30).This is the best budget multivark.

Attractive model and its price - 3,799 rubles.

5. Bosch MUC24B64, 900 W

This model has 48 cooking options, it is possible to change the standard settings for time and temperature. The disadvantages are: the inability to pre-disconnect the auto-heating and the absence of a container for collecting condensate. Nevertheless, the rating of the multivark is very high, which allowed it to take a high position on our list.

Price Bosch MUC24B64 starts at 6 389 rubles.

4. Philips HD3136 / 03, 980 W

In a 4-liter bowl you can cook baked goods, cereals, cereals, pilaf, stews, yoghurt( 14 auto programs in total).The following functions are present: delayed start, heat maintenance, multipump, 3D heating.

The price is from 5 280 rubles.

3. VITEK VT 4209, 1700 W

Advantages: a spacious 5-liter bowl, the ability to cook pies, khinkali and other dishes from the dough, in addition to the standard options( only 83 cooking programs), a steaming tray, a cottage cheese net,deep-frying basket, removable lid. Disadvantage: a large consumption of electricity - 1700 watts, which did not prevent the device from getting into the top multivorok.

You can buy it for 6 999 rubles.

2. Philips HD3165 / 03, 900 W

The model with a 4-l bowl, 18 automatic programs and a cookbook in the kit. However, there are also disadvantages that prevented the Philips HD3165 / 03 from taking the first place in the ranking of the best multivaracters. This is the absence of a shutdown button, and an awkward order of mode selection and an unbalanced handle for carrying.

You can buy for 11 590 rubles.

1. Philips HD3197 / 03, 900 W

The best multivarker of 2016 according to the consumers of .This 5-liter model with a removable top cover has won the approval of most users for ease of handling, functionality and reliability. It has 23 cooking methods, including: frying, stewing, cereals, baking, yogurt and pilaf. The advantages of the Philips HD3197 / 03 include a variety of functions, such as temperature control, delay start, maintain heat and adjust the cooking time.

The disadvantage is a rather high price( from 14,287 rubles).