Rating of refrigerators for quality and reliability 2016

Refrigerator is a serious expense item for any family. I want it to be quiet, reliable and long kept the freshness of the products. The best model will help determine our rating of refrigerators for quality and reliability in 2016.It is made up by reviews( at least 10 reviews) and users' estimates of Yandex. Market.

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Table of Contents:

  • 10. ATLANT XM 4423-000 N
  • 9. Haier C2FE636CWJ
  • 8. Samsung RL-57 TTE2A
  • 7. Sharp SJ-PT561RBE
  • 6. Sharp SJ-SC59PVBE
  • 5. Siemens KG49NSW21
  • 4. Toshiba GR-D62FR
  • 3. BEKO DNE 54530 GB
  • 2. ATLANT XM 4426-009 ND
  • 1. Bosch KGN39LB10

10. ATLANT XM 4423-000 N

Average price: 25 800 rubles.

Two-chamber model with a capacity of 320 liters produced in Minsk. Possesses all the gentlemen's kit, including the No Frost system, power consumption in class "A" and useful functions like quick cooling and super-frost.

Cons: the build quality of some products does not shine.

9. Haier C2FE636CWJ

Average price: 39 000 rubles.

In addition to the usual set, this refrigerator has a zero camera, where it is convenient to store perishable products.

Cons: The shelves inside are inconvenient - you have to remove one shelf to put the pots, and the vegetable box rests against the door.

8. Samsung RL-57 TTE2A

Average price: 80 000 rubles.

There is a zone with a separate temperature control( except for the main volume and freezer), as well as a convenient folding shelf.

Minus: noisy when operating at maximum revs. And the tray for eggs is not ten, but only 8 pieces.

7. Sharp SJ-PT561RBE

Average price: 67 000 rubles.

The volume of 555 liters will allow to store in Sharp SJ-PT561RBE everything and a little more on top. There is a freshness area, a separate ice tray and a personal ozonizer in the freezer.

Less: in the freezer there is only one shelf, which is strange for a refrigerator of such volumes.

6. Sharp SJ-SC59PVBE

If the previous refrigerator seemed to you large, then this giant outpaced it: the volume of the SJ-SC59PVBE is 583 liters. Thanks to the freezer on the top, children can use the refrigerator on an equal basis with adults.

What prevents him from being the best refrigerator in terms of price and quality? At the bottom shelves for vegetables there are no rollers. They are pushed and inserted with difficulty and with sound accompaniment.

5. Siemens KG49NSW21

Average price: 140 000 rubles.

The fifth place in the rating of refrigerators is a beautiful model, equipped with the latest technology - LCD display, temperature display, in the refrigerator box, drawers with guides, LED interior lighting, freshness zone. Despite the moderate volume( 382 liters), thanks to the thoughtfulness of the internal parts, it can accommodate more than it seems. And the doors can be outweighed to the preferred side for the owner.

4. Toshiba GR-D62FR

Average price: 195 000 rubles.

Five-chamber refrigerator with a total capacity of 483 liters and energy-saving class A +.There is an ice generator, a system for cleaning and ionizing air, buttons on the doors, lighting, folding shelf, humidification mode. All this brought the refrigerator fourth place in the ranking of refrigerators for quality and reliability in 2016.

Less: the outer panel is made of a soft material, so that it is easy to leave a dent on the refrigerator.

3. BEKO DNE 54530 GB

Average price: 79 000 rubles.

Has an energy class A ++.Equipped with hanging doors, thoughtful lighting, and ergonomic movable shelves allow 100% use of the internal volume.

Less: lower shelves without rollers. Ice is frozen in the ice maker.

2. ATLANT XM 4426-009 ND

Average price: 29 000 rubles.

The second place in the ranking of the best refrigerators of 2016 is another Belarusian model. This is a two-chamber refrigerator with a capacity of 357 liters and a class of energy consumption A. There is also a touch screen with the function of setting the temperature and time, No Frost, independent cold storage up to 15 hours, the "Holiday" mode and the open door indication.

Disadvantage: behind him is a grille, which means that dust will accumulate.

1. Bosch KGN39LB10

Average price: 62 000 rubles.

So the best refrigerator of 2016 was found. The rating for quality and reliability is headed by a stylish handsome man from stainless steel and black glass. By volume it is rather small - 315 liters - but thanks to a well-thought-out interior space it can hold quite a lot. Separate temperature control will help keep fresh different types of products. Long keeps the temperature in case of shutdown - up to a day. And almost noiseless.