What's new in one of the best smartphones on the iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 was announced by Apple on September 12 this year. The new version of the popular mobile device has already become one of the best-selling novelties and win thousands of fans around the world. The device operates on the basis of iOS 6 - the next-generation operating system.

iPhone 5 , like its predecessor iPhone 4S, is available for buyers in two colors - white and black. In this case, the black version is distinguished by the original silver tint, therefore, such a device looks like almost every computer forum , more representative and attractive.

Package Contents iPhone 5 is standard for devices in this class. In the box, except the device itself, the buyer will find a branded sticker with the Apple logo, a cable for connecting to a computer via USB, an adapter for a 220V network, a charger, a headset and a clip designed to extract a SIM card. The late release of the gadget did not allow him to enter the rating of the best smartphones of 2012 in , but did a lot of hype in computer forums.

What do they say on the computer forums about the iPhone 5?

1. Headphones.

According to most users, the first thing that catches your eye when unpacking the iPhone 5 is, oddly enough, the headphones, whose design has changed for the first time in the history of iPhones. Each earpiece now has several holes, and the general style of the "droplet" has changed somewhat. As the representatives of Apple said, the changed appearance of the headset made it even more convenient: the headphones will now sit perfectly in any ears. In addition, the very sound of the updated headphones became noticeably better: the rattling of the high frequencies disappeared, the bass became deeper, the volume increased.

2. Interface for connecting to a PC.

The second innovation of the iPhone 5 is a modified cable for connecting to a PC.The connector, called Lightning, has become more compact, resulting in engineers have managed to make the device even more subtle. In addition, the technical characteristics of the connector have improved - according to the manufacturers, its bandwidth has increased significantly, which means that the device is charging faster than its predecessors.

3. Appearance and ergonomics.

The design of the new iPhone, at first glance, almost has not changed. However, with a more detailed inspection, you can find that, despite the increased display, the device not only did not seem more cumbersome, but also became more compact and light. According to the majority of iPhone 5 owners, the new device still looks perfect in both female and male hands. In this capacity, the brainchild of Apple is strikingly different from the bulky top-end smartphones from Nokia, HTC and other well-known manufacturers.

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