Rating of built-in dishwashers 45 cm in 2016

The dishwasher has many advantages. First, the increased amount of free time. Secondly, the quality of washing, sometimes surpassing manual labor.

Among the owners of small kitchens the most popular are dishwashers built in 45 cm .The rating of models of this size is based on reviews( at least 10), ratings and ratings on "Yandex. Market."

In addition, we published a rating of built-in dishwashers 60 cm, it included the best models of 2016.


  • 10. Siemens SR 65M035
  • 9. Electrolux ESL 4550 RO
  • 8. Bosch SPV 40E40
  • 7. Siemens SR 64M030
  • 6. Flavia BI 45 KAMAYA
  • 5. Bosch SPV 58X00
  • 4. Bosch SPV 58M50
  • 3.Bosch SPV 40X90
  • 2. Siemens SR 65M081
  • 1. Bosch SPV 40X80

10. Siemens SR 65M035

Average price: 37 000 rubles.

Opens the rating of dishwashers in 2016 at a price / quality fully integrated dishwasher 45 cm from Siemens. Holds up to nine sets of dishes. There is an intensive, economical and express-washing, a number of automatic programs, including the delay start function, protection from leaks.

Less: No nozzle for washing trays, it must be ordered separately. Does not wash difficult dirt.

9. Electrolux ESL 4550 RO

Average price: 28 000 rubles.

This machine is designed for a family of 2-3 people, its capacity is small - the pots of steam, a few cutlery and dish-dishes get in the way. It has all the necessary functionality - six programs and a beam on the floor. Fast mode works well even with old dirt and dried food leftovers on plates.

Less: It's hard to call it quiet. And the protection against leaks is only partial.

8. Bosch SPV 40E40

Average price: 25 500 rubles.

In addition to the usual modes, this built-in dishwasher has a special, for the dishes, which requires careful handling.

Less: the dishes should be removed immediately after washing, otherwise the condensate will settle on it.

7. Siemens SR 64M030

Average price: 37 000 rubles.

In addition to the usual functions, there is also a half load mode, convenient for those who do not like to save dirty dishes in the car.

Less: Incomprehensible instruction.

6. Flavia BI 45 KAMAYA

Average price: 38 000 rubles.

There is a mode of additional drying, and automatic soaking is useful for those who prefer to wash the accumulated dishes in the evenings. Users note the convenience of the top tray for cutlery.

Less: you need to carefully choose the tablets, otherwise on the dishes can remain a divorce.

5. Bosch SPV 58X00

Average price: 60 500 rubles.

Among the best built-in dishwashers in 2016, the Bosch SPV 58X00 rating is the fifth. The capacity of this car is slightly higher than the rest - it can fit up to 10 sets. There is also a function for the enhanced processing of HygienePlus dishes, which is useful for autumn-spring infections. She also has a system of sensitive sensors, a separate tray for cutlery, folding guides for plates and a self-cleaning filter.

Less: a high probability of failure of the heater after one and a half years of operation.

4. Bosch SPV 58M50

Average price: 47 000 rubles.

A quiet, economical machine for a small family laundering even old dirt, and at high temperatures does not even require the use of detergents. The guides for placing the dishes in the tray can be removed, releasing an extra space under the pots.

Less: you need to adjust the height of the drain - if it is above 50 cm, then it will make noise. The filter is difficult to clean by hand.

3. Bosch SPV 40X90

Average price: 30 000 rubles.

In the rating of built-in dishwashers 45 cm wide, the Bosch SPV 40X90 gets an honorable third place. The kit includes everything you need, including self-tapping screws, and the legs are adjustable up to 6 cm in height. The special mode for pots at elevated pressure and temperature works wonders even with old spots.

Less: no memorization of the previous program.

2. Siemens SR 65M081

Average price: 47 000 rubles.

A distinctive feature of this model is the projection display on the floor, which shows the selected program and the remaining time for its completion. And there are folding guides, a nozzle under the baking sheet, there is an upper basket for small things and cutlery. You can add dishes when the machine is already running.

Cons: No half load function.

1. Bosch SPV 40X80

Average price: 25 000 rubles.

And the best dishwasher in 2016 is the built-in Bosch SPV 40X80, width 45 cm. Inexpensive and reliable machine with a cutlery tray that saves hot water consumption and has excellent protection against leaks.

Less: no beam on the floor.