Rating of the most unusual airports in the world

Choosing in the plane a place by the window, we are happy to look forward to the spectacular panorama during takeoff and landing. In our ranking of the most unusual airports in the world, the most impressive of the air gates, designed by man, are collected. True, sometimes the view that opens from the porthole hits so much that the passengers in fear close their eyes.

10. Lukla Airport, Nepal. This airport is located at an incredible height of 2,860 meters above sea level. Wrapped in a rocky gorge the airport does not allow the pilot in case of emergency to go on the 2nd circle, in addition the runway is raised by an arch, for what the pilots call her a humpback.

9. Princess Juliana Airport on the island of Saint-Martin. This smallest inhabited island in the world can not afford to squander the territory. Therefore, the airport runway is one of the shortest in the world, and from the sea it is separated only by a narrow strip of beach."Boeing" and "Airbus" roar with a roar literally ten meters above the heads of holidaymakers. However, many go to Saint-Martin for the sake of this unforgettable spectacle.

8. Airport of the Portuguese island of Madeira. The mountainous terrain made it possible to cut only a small flat area for the liners. And to give a full runway, the stretch was extended, having passed over the sea on 180 columns.

7. Kansai International Airport, Japan. This unusual airport-island is still under construction. The first stage was put into operation in 1994.Kansai Airport is located on a man-made island with an area of ​​510 hectares. It was not easy to find a place for a large air hub on the territory of a densely populated and fully built Japan, so it was decided to implement such an expensive and complex project.

6. Airport of Courchevel, France. The air gates of a respectable resort are by no means as chic as one might think. This airport is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. Not only that the runway is located at an angle of 18.5 degrees, so also its length is only 525 meters.

5. Gisborne Airport, New Zealand. Meetings of air and rail transport occur here regularly. No matter how incredible it may seem, the planes have to periodically wait for the passage of the train to continue moving along the "take-off".

4. Airport of Girraltar. The most incredible intersection in the world is located at this airport. The runway passes through a busy highway. The appearance of such an unusual airport was the result of an acute shortage of free territory.

3. Airport "Juancho E. Yrausquin" on the island of Saba, part of the Netherlands Antilles .Located in the rocks a short runway from the air looks very unusual, but the pilots unequivocally call the airport one of the most dangerous in the world.

2. Malé Airport, Maldives. An unusually beautiful airport is located on the island of Hulule, the elongated shape of which was perfect for the construction of a runway. Male is the only international airport in the Maldives, so that all foreign tourists can fully enjoy its beauty.

1. Barra Airport, Scotland. Perhaps, this is the most unusual airport in the world. Planes in Barra land directly on the beach. The designations of the three runways during the tide go under the water. Therefore, the timetable of aircraft movements is tied to the schedule of tides.