The Best New Features of Budget Car DVRs, Overview

Most recently, the DVR was only a fashionable gadget in the car, an indicator of the prosperity and well-being of a motorist, a kind of luxury item. Nevertheless, the traffic situation is becoming more complicated day by day: the requirements for drivers are toughened, and the amounts of fines are raised to incredible figures. These alarming factors lead to the fact that the DVR quickly turns from an accessory into a much needed thing. Today, many manufacturers offer very inexpensive novelties of car DVRs, so their purchase has ceased to be a serious problem.

A suitable model can always be selected in various price categories. It is impossible to describe the shortcomings and advantages of all existing models on the market in a short review. Let's consider only the most popular DVRs of the budget segment, presented in 2015.

Car DVRs up to 3000 rubles

ProCam ZX3 is the most compact device among its classmates. It is equipped with a WDR-camera, a viewing angle of which is 170 degrees, and an internal memory of 16 GB.The device has such functions as:

  • side and front impact sensor;
  • GPS recorder;
  • motion sensor( includes recording when a moving body enters the camera lens);
  • lens, which has the function of night shooting;
  • tracking of road markings.

Judging by the reviews, this DVR is not very convenient to manage, but only in comparison with the most expensive devices. The price of this model is from 2240 to 2380 rubles. ALPHA DVR-650 HD - has similar functions, except for the GPS-module, and has a higher resolution camera( 1440 × 1080).A 1.5-inch color display allows you to view the recordings without connecting to a computer. The camera's viewing angle is 160 degrees. DVR is a good choice for those who appreciate high-quality panoramic shooting. The price is from 2630 to 2780 rubles.

Automobile DVRs up to 5000 rubles

The essential difference between models falling into this price category is the ability to make video recordings with the highest resolution( Full HD format).Such, for example, are the DVRs Bluesonic BS-F002 and Cardinal S4. Cardinal S4.The model is not overloaded with useless options;the manufacturer left only really necessary: ​​

  • G-module;
  • built-in motion sensor;
  • night lens;
  • 2.7-inch display;
  • shock sensor.

The model stands out with a stylish design, equally appropriate for a female and a male car. Among its advantages, it is more often than not that the device is securely and conveniently secured. The limiting price of such a DVR is 5000 rubles. Online store RC-Shop offers to buy a DVR a bit cheaper, for example - Karkam Q4 LITE.The camera's viewing angle for this model is 120 degrees, and the device itself is equipped with a 2-inch monitor, through which you can view the recordings on the spot. When a moving object occurs, the built-in motion detector turns on the device automatically, which is very useful when using it in the parking lot. Upon impact, the G-sensor keeps a record in the device's memory. The DVR has an elegant appearance and high reliability. The price is 4555-5080 rubles.

Car DVRs up to 7000 rubles

Within these limits of the price category, you can find many multifunctional and interesting models that have additional capabilities. One such model is the DATAKAM G6-PRO.With all the possible options inherent in cheaper models, the DATAKAM G6-PRO features additional features, including: the

  • three-axis shock sensor;
  • built-in broadband GPS-antenna;
  • protects files from overwriting;
  • false positive blocking;
  • image stabilization.

The internal memory of the presented DVR is 32 GB.This is more than enough to continuously record the events of the longest journey. The price of the registrar is not more than 6900 rubles. Summarizing, it should be noted that a large selection of car DVRs at a very affordable cost will allow you to choose the most suitable.

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