The most common mistakes novice drivers

Even without the signs "Y" and the exclamation marks of a beginner at the wheel can be seen always. And, first of all, the newcomer poses as typical mistakes that arise in the process of driving.

In order to look at yourself from the outside, as well as not to step on someone else's rake, it is worth to study and eradicate the most common errors of novice drivers.


  • 10. The novice is pressed to the side of the
  • 9. Does not have time to look at the
  • signs 8. Turns on the music or radio
  • 7. Does not follow the
  • speed mode 6. Does not look into the mirrors
  • 5. Does not follow the distance
  • 4. Can notto work as a clutch
  • 3. Brakes too sharply
  • 2. Does not take into account the weather conditions
  • 1. Does not feel the speed and distance

10. Beginner cuddles to the curb

The natural fear of oncoming cars makes the novice drivers go as close to the roadside as possible. However, this increases the risk of catching the speed of gravel and go into a skid or catch a broken glass or nail.

9. Does not have time to look at the signs

The process of driving a car takes all the attention of a novice driver. Therefore, signs often go unnoticed. About what dangers this is fraught with, it is not necessary to say.

8. Includes music or radio

Of course, a pleasant background for driving is very important. But a novice driver, such sounds can only distract. Especially harmful loud music, because behind this background you can not notice the warning signals of other participants in the movement.

7. Does not comply with the high-speed mode

There are two extremes - some beginners travel much slower than the entire flow, while others are fond of pressing the gas, while the reaction rate so far leaves much to be desired.

6. Does not look in the mirrors

On the road it's important not only to look straight ahead, but also to track traffic on the side and behind. To do this, do not ignore the mirror, because every trip is accompanied by maneuvers, before which you have to make sure of their complete safety.

5. Does not comply with the distance

It is especially difficult at first to keep the distance in a dense stream. But if you go too close to the front of the driving car, you may not have enough time and space to maneuver with a sudden braking of the front car.

4. It does not know how to work with the clutch

Of course, it is easier to operate the machine with an automatic box. But it is easy to adapt to mechanics. The main thing is to work with the pedal smoothly. After all, from sudden movements you can not only stall at the wrong time, but also significantly accelerate the wear of the clutch.


brakes too much. As a result, the car stops too abruptly and is not always in the right place. In addition, modern cars have an extremely sensitive brake pedal and an effective braking system, so you do not need to exert much effort to stop the car.

2. Does not take into account the weather conditions

After leaving for the first time on the road in the rain or ice, the beginner falls into completely unfamiliar conditions. Even if you did not have to drive on wet or snow cover before, you need to get acquainted with the theory and keep in mind the fact that the braking distance becomes longer, and the car is much less obedient.

1. Does not feel the speed and distance

It is difficult for an novice driver to understand how far from him and at what speed the oncoming or ahead car is moving. Especially dangerous the wrong perception of speed can be when overtaking, when the oncoming car approaches unexpectedly quickly. Therefore it is extremely important to be sure of the security of maneuver.