The smallest serial cars

In a modern city, a small car has many advantages. He economically spends fuel, patiently standing in a multikilometer traffic jam. And, of course, it is easy to park it in a secluded corner.

Therefore, machine manufacturers do their best to meet the growing demand for minicar. The smallest serial cars are assembled today in our Top-10.The weight of any of the dozens does not exceed 900 kg.


  • 10. Kandi Coco( China)
  • 9. Chevrolet Spark( USA)
  • 8. Peugeot 107( France)
  • 7. Toyota iQ( Japan)
  • 6. Tata Nano( India)
  • 5. Aston Martin CygnetUnited Kingdom)
  • 4. Fiat Seicento( Italy)
  • 3. Suzuki Twin( Japan)
  • 2. Mercedes SMART ForTwo( France)
  • 1. Peel P50( United Kingdom)

10. Kandi Coco( China)

The Chinese super-compact car is sold in the USAat a price of only 869 dollars. In fact, a car with automatic transmission is more expensive, but most of the cost is paid from the federal and regional budgets. The dimensions of Coco are: length 2631 mm, width - 1546 mm, height - 1562 mm. The maximum speed of the car is only 40 km / hour, and modest dimensions will not allow comfortable seating for riders, whose growth is slightly above average.

9. Chevrolet Spark( USA)

The five-door hatchback costs about $ 12 thousand and if desired can accommodate up to 5 people. Dimensions of one of the largest "kids" in our Top-10 are: length 3495 mm, width 1495 mm, height 1500 mm. The maximum speed of the car is 160 km / h.

8. Peugeot 107( France)

One of the smallest production cars was developed in cooperation with Toyota. At the choice of the buyer there are models with both manual and automatic. The claimed maximum speed is 160 km / h, however, experts do not advise to accelerate the car over 100 km / h. Dimensions of the machine: length 3430 mm, width 1895 mm, height 1470 mm.

7. Toyota iQ( Japan)

The minivan from Toyota, perhaps, is the safest in the Top-10 of the smallest serial cars. Toyota iQ is equipped with 9 airbags. Dimensions of the machine: length 2985 mm, width 1680 mm, height 1500 mm. The maximum speed is 170 km / h.

6. Tata Nano( India)

One of the most affordable cars can be purchased for $ 2500.Dimensions of the Indian micro-machine: length 3100 mm, width 1550 mm, height 1600 mm. The maximum speed is 100 km / hour.

5. Aston Martin Cygnet( Great Britain)

This small car the British developed in cooperation with Toyota, so he got the engine from the iQ model."Micro-Aston" is the most luxurious among the participants of Top-10.Among the highlights are a leather black and white salon and an iPod docking station. Dimensions Cygnet: length 3078 mm, width 1680 mm, height 1500 mm. The maximum speed is 170 km / h.

4. Fiat Seicento( Italy)

According to the manufacturer, this three-door hatchback is a five-seat hatchback. However, the dimensions of the car make it very doubtful: the length is 3319 mm, the width is 1506 mm, the height is 1440 mm. The maximum speed of the machine is 140 km / h.

3. Suzuki Twin( Japan)

The model is produced in two versions: with a gasoline and hybrid engine. With a price of $ 12,000, Twin is the cheapest hybrid in the world. Despite the declared maximum speed of 120 km / h, experts recommend not to exceed the threshold of 60 km / h.

2. Mercedes SMART ForTwo( France)

In the basic configuration, the "kid" is equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, ABS and ESP, on-board computer. Dimensions of the machine: length 2700 mm, width 1570 mm, height 1540 mm. Experts note an extremely low fuel consumption - from 3.6 to 5 liters per hundred kilometers.

1. Peel P50( United Kingdom)

The world's smallest production car weighs just 59 kg and has three wheels. For the first time Peel began to collect in the 1960s, when the car could not even move backward. By 2011, the model was finalized and released to the market in two versions: gasoline and electric. Dimensions of the car: length 1370 mm, width 1040 mm, height 1170 mm. The maximum speed is 80 km / hour. Peel P50 is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.