The most reliable cars of 2015

Reliability is one of the most important qualities when buying a new car. This is a guarantee of a long service life of the machine and the economy of its owner. Poor reliability can adversely affect operating costs, such as maintenance and repairs, that are performed outside the warranty period.

We present to you the most reliable cars of 2015 year .The rating is compiled using statistical data collected during the annual study Driver Power( it is conducted by the British magazine Auto Express).The study involved 61,000 car owners.

  • 7. Toyota RAV4
  • 6. Lexus GS
  • 5. Honda Jazz
  • 4. Hyundai i10
  • 3. Lexus IS
  • 2. Lexus NX
  • 1. Toyota iQ

7. Toyota RAV4

This all-wheel-drive compact crossover will serve very muchlong, if the time to change the oil and filters. The Japanese assembly is still a guarantee of quality. And good cross-country ability and fast engine start-up, even in severe frosts, make the RAV4 SUV a reasonable choice for Russian roads. Auto scored 97.50% of positive reviews in the study Driver Power.

6. Lexus GS

Including in the rating of the most reliable Lexus GS series sedan( 97.59% positive feedback) shows that the luxury division Toyota is able to make quality cars for many years. The GS series cars of 2005-2012 are equipped with a dynamics control system that helps to identify and prevent potentially dangerous situations on the road. Electric power steering, traction control and electronic braking systems are responsible for reliable control.

5. Honda Jazz

Last year, Honda Jazz was named the most reliable car for Russia in the version of Driver Power. However, the fifth place is a very decent result for the hatchback, which is confirmed by a high percentage of drivers' satisfaction - 97.86%.The first generation Jazz began its journey back in 2001 and continues successfully, thanks to its excellent build quality and comfortable interior.

4. Hyundai i10

The fourth place in reliability is an impressive indicator for a small Korean hatchback. Hyundai i10( reliability rating - 98.46%) has a very spacious cabin, considering the size of the car, and its low maintenance costs will be appreciated by car owners, who are accustomed to saving money.

3. Lexus IS

The luxury division of the Japanese company Toyota adheres to the strategy of the "parent" company. It implies an emphasis on quality and reliability, albeit at the expense of modern trends. In the Lexus IS( 98.58% positive feedback), a band control system is installed, which will immediately alert the distracted driver and the sensor approaching from behind the interference. To mitigate the impact when a car collides with a man, a special system is provided. The developers also made it possible to change the rigidity of the suspension for more aggressive overcoming of turns. The shortcomings of the model include low ground clearance( in Russian conditions).

2. Lexus NX

A crossover with a hybrid powerplant is produced at an enterprise in Kyushu, which has a "Gold Award for Quality" from the analytical marketing firm J.D.Power and Associates. Additional advantages of the model are a large trunk and a good fuel economy. Of all the drivers interviewed by Auto Express, 98.71% noted the high reliability of the car engine.

1. Toyota iQ

Toyota's reputation as the creator of durable and reliable cars is confirmed by the iQ model. This city car class "micro-premium" was on the first line of the list of the most reliable machines in 2015, gaining 98.81% in a survey of customer satisfaction. The machine is equipped with non-standard rear airbags and keyless entry system( in the Russian version).

It is reliable both in terms of "iron", and in terms of passenger safety. As a result of the crash tests Euro NCAP, the baby earned five stars - this is the maximum result. At the same time the "slimest" iQ version participated in the test, its weight is 886 kg.