Top 10 best automotive interiors in 2013

Beautiful and stylish car is attractive not so much from the outside - automakers are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the design and subsequent finishing of the car. The American automobile edition Ward's AutoWorld has published Top-10 best automobile interiors of 2013 .

The top ten included both completely new and restyling models. Experts evaluated each interior according to such criteria as design, comfort, ergonomics, safety, quality and cost of materials. The emphasis, of course, was made on the models presented in the US market.

Table of Contents:

10. Toyota Avalon

  • 9. The Raman Lauramie Longhorn
  • 8. The Nissan Pathfinder CUV
  • 7. The Mazda6
  • 6. The Lexus GS 450h The
  • 5. The Kia Forte( Cerato) The
  • 4. The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport
  • 3. The ChevroletSpark
  • 2. Cadillac XTS
  • 1. Acura RDX
  • 10. Toyota Avalon

    This full-size car is the flagship sedan from Toyota in the markets of Canada, the US and the Middle East. In the Top-10 best interiors came the fourth generation Avalon model, released in 2013.Among the original solutions experts noted three-zone climate control, the highest comfort of all passengers without exception and the original lighting, which even decorates cup holders.

    9. Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn

    Matte quality plastic, quality of materials and performance, as well as a pleasing eye color scheme pleased experts Ward's AutoWorld. A harsh jury noted that if Bentley suddenly decided to launch a pickup today, then its interior could be borrowed from this American truck.

    8. Nissan Pathfinder CUV

    The city's comfortable crossover was praised for its spaciousness: seven people can travel with complete comfort. The experts also noted the panoramic roof and high quality materials.

    7. Mazda6

    The interior of the new Mazda6 combines elegance with sporty features. Experts especially liked the combination of black and milky shades with interspersed juicy wine color on the front panel.

    6. Lexus GS 450h

    The interior of one of the most traditionally luxurious cars was expected to be high-quality and stylish. In the review of Ward's AutoWorld, the inserts "under the bamboo" and the rich black leather, of the highest quality, are specially marked.

    5. Kia Forte( Cerato)

    One of the most budget models in the top ten car interiors has earned very high marks. Experts noted that at a price of just under $ 16 thousand, the quality of materials exceeds many premium-segment cars.

    4. Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

    Five-seater crossover got its new look in 2013.The experts liked the slightly aggressive angularity of the front panel, the high comfort of passengers, as well as the quality of materials and assembly.

    3. Chevrolet Spark

    Three leaders published Top-10 best automotive interiors in 2013 closes the most budget model in the top ten. Designed for young people, Spark attracts attention with bright colors, a multimedia system and inexpensive but high-quality materials.

    2. Cadillac XTS

    The premium model in the Cadillac sedan series, according to the manufacturer, is the most high-tech in the history of the brand. Experts appreciated the ability to recognize voice commands, and a user interface with the highest degree of personalization, and a seat that vibrates to the right or left, warning the driver of potential danger.

    1. Acura RDX

    The internal equipment of the second generation compact crossover was recognized by as the best car interior of 2013 .Experts point out that the quality of materials and impressive luggage compartment can not be better suited for the needs of a young well-off family, which is considered as a potential owner. In this case, the car was added sporting features, retaining elegance and the highest level of assembly.