The most coveted cars of 2016 in Russia

The research company GfK-Rus has found out what kind of car brand Russian motorists are dreaming about. Experts of the company asked the opinion of 1231 car owners about which of the brands corresponds to the statement "The car of this brand is my dream, one day I will definitely buy it."You could name a few brands. The study did not involve marketers, car salesmen, parts and those who perform after-sales service of cars.

This is how the rating of the most desirable vehicles for Russians in 2016 is .

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  • 8. Hyundai
  • 7. Ford
  • 6. Honda
  • 5. Mitsubishi
  • 4. Mazda
  • 3. Nissan
  • 2. Volkswagen
  • 1. Toyota

8. Hyundai

Unpretentious and inexpensive( compared to other rating participants) cars like to buy 30% of Russians. Over the years, this Korean manufacturer has positioned itself as a price alternative to more expensive Japanese competitors. When other manufacturers "increase" options, raising the cost of their products, Hyundai offers alloy wheels and side mirrors with heating and other "goodies" even in the basic configuration. Another advantage is the five-year warranty.

7. Ford

Excellent appearance, low operating costs, good handling, even a non-slip suspension on Russian roads - all these are Ford cars. They are preferred by 32% of respondents.

6. Honda

According to the statistics of the company R. L . Polk & Company, assembled for 1988-2012, the Honda brand owns the majority of vehicles with a 25-year service life( and they are still on the run) than any other car brand. The Japanese company produces not only durable and durable, but also safe cars. In 2016, Honda cars received eight prestigious Top Safety Pick + awards and one Top Safety Pick from the United States Insurance Institute for Road Safety( IIHS).About their love of Japanese iron horses, 36% of the respondents admitted.

5. Mitsubishi

These cars are praised for sustainable driving on all types of roads, reliable engine, spacious interior, attractive design and blame for poor noise insulation, rigid suspension and high cost. But despite these shortcomings, the car brand Mitsubishi would like to acquire 38% of motorists.

4. Mazda

The cars of dreams are continued by Mazda cars( 39% of the pollees gave them votes).In 2011, Mazda developed SKYACTIV, a number of technologies that significantly increase fuel efficiency and engine power. In addition, Mazda machines lose little in price during resale.

3. Nissan

About these machines, reliable in operation, with a hardy chassis dream of 49% of the study participants. Japanese cars Nissan are beautiful both externally and internally, although the design of the Nissan Cube and Nissan JUKE causes some a puzzled smile.

2. Volkswagen

52% of respondents would like to buy a car of this brand. And Volkswagen Tiguan heads the most anticipated crossovers in 2016.The name of this largest European automaker is synonymous with excellent build quality, reliability and first-class design. In the secondary market, Volkswagen cars are in high demand. This means that you can spend your money on one of the new cars, knowing that you are making a wise investment. Some Volkswagen models operate on diesel fuel, the combustion of which produces less emissions than gasoline. And let the diesel fuel costs a little more than gasoline, but they need to refuel less often.

1. Toyota

Manage a dream - that's what 83% of people want. Cars produced by Toyota are of high quality and it's amazing, because their assortment is very extensive. More than 80% of Toyota cars, sold 2 decades ago, still ride and excellently "feel."And if they suddenly "fall ill", then finding the right part is not difficult. And even when buying a car Toyota you get the car of the safest brand in 2016 according to IIHS.