Top 5 cheapest Chinese cars in Russia

At the words "Chinese car" many car owners writhe a contemptuous mine. Like, it's better to ride a bicycle or public transport than on what is produced in the Middle Kingdom. Although cheap, but not prestigious, the interior smells of a fragrance, security is weak and generally. ..

However, many "Chinese" travel on Russian roads, and it is easy to find not only negative but also laudatory reviews of owners. What kind of cars from China are the cheapest at the price in Russia?


  • 5. FAW V5
  • 4. Chery Bonus
  • 3. Geely GC6 2014 of the year.
  • 2. Lifan Celliya
  • 1. Lifan Smily

5. FAW V5

The minimum price is 398 650 rubles for 2013 in.

The consumption of gasoline( mixed cycle) - 5.6 liters.

Starts the top 5 cheapest Chinese cars 2016 budget sedan with a moderately stiff suspension, an aesthetically pleasing interior and several useful options in the basic configuration, such as air conditioning, fog lights and front electric windows.

Disadvantages: almost no sound insulation, the steering wheel is not adjustable, unstable painting.

4. Chery Bonus

The price is 398 650 rubles.

The consumption of gasoline( mixed cycle) - 6.5 liters.

Comfortable and maneuverable hatchback with a large boot, a rich basic set of options( standard alarm, air conditioning, immobilizer and electric front windows) and a pretty appearance.

Auto bad: poor paint quality, poor sound insulation, low quality plastic in the interior, it is easily scratched and dirty.

3. Geely GC6 2014 of the year.

The cost in the basic configuration is 389 thousand rubles.

The consumption of gasoline( mixed cycle) - 6.8 liters.

Opens the top five low-cost cars from China regular sedan. The car confidently keeps on the road, without going into drifts and allows you to enter the turns at high speed.15-inch tires add softness to the stroke. Very convenient salon, except that some drivers do not have a headrest. The Base includes anti-theft alarm, air conditioning, EBD, trip computer and ABS.

Disadvantages: for fans of fast and aggressive driving the engine seems weak( 1.5 liters 94 hp).

2. Lifan Celliya

The minimum price is 364,900 rubles for the model of 2014.

The consumption of gasoline( mixed cycle) - 6.4 liters.

Family sedan with an attractive appearance, a spacious and ergonomic interior, where everything is at hand, a capacious luggage compartment and a ground clearance of 17 cm. That is, no urban borders or rugged terrain this car is not terrible. ABS, front airbags, fog lights, air conditioning - all for a comfortable trip already in the starting set of options.

Lifan Celliya - the cheapest Chinese car and proof that the Korean auto brands have decent competitors.

Disadvantages: the seats in the rear seats are small for tall( from 180 cm) and wide for guests( from 80 kg) passengers.

1. Lifan Smily

It costs from 364 900 rubles.

The consumption of gasoline( mixed cycle) - 6.1 liters.

We can consider the design of this "big-eyed", who took the first place in the ranking of the most accessible Chinese cars, funny, or maybe ugly. But one thing is certain: Smily is hard not to notice on the road. For a moderate price, the owner will receive a car with power steering, two airbags, a regular radio, fog lights and an immobilizer.

According to the owners, the car starts even at minus 35 degrees, it consumes little gasoline, it behaves confidently in the rain and snow on the road. But the quality of the paint coating "lame."And the trunk is small.

Perhaps, even 5 years, we will look at the products of the Chinese car industry haughtily. But it is rapidly developing for the better. Chinese automakers do not hesitate to copy good design or technical details from foreign models and correct mistakes identified in previous versions of their cars. They follow the same path as car manufacturers from South Korea: they do not want to dislodge leaders, but they do not fill the car market with cheap handicrafts.