Rating of gasoline stations for the quality of gasoline 2016

A lot depends on the quality of fuel. Low-quality gasoline can reduce engine life, worsen its launch and adversely affect the dynamics of the iron horse. Alas, fears of drivers were not in vain - last year, on the direct order of the Russian president, the Prosecutor General's Office and Rosstandart conducted a number of gas station inspections. The test results were disappointing - more than a third of all fuel was of poor quality.

Therefore, it is important for Russian car enthusiasts to know exactly where to refuel. The rating of gas stations for the quality of gasoline is compiled from drivers' reviews on Otzovik and Irecommend websites, where every day thousands of users express their opinion about goods and services.


  • 10. Phaeton
  • 9. Bashneft
  • 8. Tatneft
  • 7. Sibneft
  • 6. Route of
  • 5. TNK
  • 4. Shell
  • 3. Gazpromneft
  • 2. Lukoil
  • 1. Rosneft

10. The phaeton of

One of thethe country's oldest fuel operators, represented mainly in the northern capital and the region. The Phaethon gas station is equipped with a 24-hour supermarket, a cafe and even a pharmacy, as well as car washing, tire pumping and tire fitting service. Representatives of Phaethon buy petroleum products from the Kirishi and Yaroslavl refineries and claim that they constantly monitor the quality of fuel. Some motorists are dissatisfied with the fact that after refueling the AI95 the car is worse to drive, or even completely stall.

9. Bashneft

Users in general note the acceptable quality of gasoline( with the exception of some refuels in the Ulyanovsk region), but they negatively respond about the quality of service.

8. Tatneft

The opinion about refueling of Tatneft from motorists is either very good or very bad - there are almost no average estimates. Some note the cleanliness, convenience, delicious menu, clean toilets and excellent quality of gasoline, on which an iron friend runs like he never ran before. Others indicate the opposite: the car goes by jerks, protracted acceleration and even the replacement of the catalyst and the gasoline pump. Therefore only 8 line of rating goes to this network of gas stations.

7. SibNeft

Although Sibneft's activities initially limited to Tomsk Oblast, now the refueling of this network has spread throughout the Russian Federation. In 2013 the company developed a new prime-grade fuel of the fifth class, which has improved characteristics. It is claimed that this fuel reduces maintenance costs for the engine, reduces the rate of engine oil contamination and increases the life of the candles. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly.

6. Track

Reviews and rating of the Gas Station The route for the quality of gasoline is mostly positive. They note excellent quality of service, cleanliness, comfortable recreation area and courtesy of the staff( there are tankers).And, of course, good quality of gasoline.

5. TNK

Good gasoline for normal money, which is well received even cars with moody engines. It is noted that 92 ecto is overestimated, but the quality of 92 is quite good. However, the politeness and efficiency of the staff leaves much to be desired.

4. Shell

According to users, the only minus of the refueling network from the international oil giant is their number. They note the excellent quality of gasoline and its economical consumption. Especially motorists like gasoline Shell V-Power, which is equipped with additives for more efficient and dynamic engine operation.

3. Gazpromneft

An honest octane number, an acceptable price with good quality, the availability of additional services and courteous staff - that's what puts Gazpromneft refueling at line 3 of the rating of gas stations in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg for gasoline quality. However, it is noted that the quality of gasoline can vary - it depends on suppliers.

2. Lukoil

Car enthusiasts celebrate the diversity of fuels;In addition to the "usual"( quite good quality), there is also a so-called.fuel "Ecto plus", in which there are many special additives to extend the life of the engine and its greater environmental safety. However, there are also disadvantages - for example, there is a high probability that the quality of gasoline in small cities can be far from ideal.

1. Rosneft

Rosneft tops the rating of gasoline stations for the quality of gasoline, providing good fuel at reasonable prices. Staff courteous. There is a program of discounts and regular promotions are held, reducing the price of fuel. The gas station can provide additional services, for example, pumping the wheels and a vacuum cleaner for the passenger compartment, as well as pour gasoline into the canister.