Top-10 best cars of 2011

Male magazine with a worldwide name Playboy published on its pages an unusual rating of cars that US residents will be able to buy in 2011.The non-standard can be called the selection criterion itself. He did not take into account such traditional qualities as speed advantages, safety, economy or so actual now friendship with the environment. In the best traditions of the magazine, the main parameters for identifying winners were style, sexuality, spectacularity of cars.

The fact that the list of the best included expensive cars and prestigious brands did not surprise anyone. The highlight was that almost all the models mentioned were not yet available for sale. Their presentation at the car showrooms was not to take place until the middle of the year. Along with the iron handsome, who will only determine the high car mode, the list includes quite modest cars, as well as cars already mastered by American buyers. We bring to your attention the winners of the Playboy rating in various nominations.

Location No. 10

The Iron Horse is the nomination for the fastest and most beautiful. Here, the racing supercar Mercedes SLS AMG was out of competition. To drive up such a horse to the red carpet or to a prestigious presentation, you will have to pay about $ 250,000( the price in the US).

Place No. 9

In the category, the best hybrid of the was won by the sporty Honda CR-Z.A confident athlete will be available in the US for $ 20-25 thousand.

Location No. 8

Category The sport sedan is headed by Aston Martin Rapide. Impressive, low muscular - he will be mesmerized by the roar of the engine for $ 200,000.

Seat № 7

Winner among Sport coupe - Cadillac CTS-V is a mysterious handsome who knows what real speed is. The cost of the car is about 60 thousand $.

Place No. 6

The best cabriolet is the Porsche Boxster Spyder. A light elegant car with attentive "eyes" and a gentle shade of retro will cost $ 60-65 thousand.

Place No. 5

Breakthrough of the year according to Playboy - Mazda 2. Even a compact hatchback that maneuvers in a dense urban stream may look serious and attractive. It does not matter that its value is only about $ 15 thousand.

Place No. 4

Nomination The best jeep did not produce any sensations. The Jeep Grand Cherokee remained unbeatable in its impressiveness and inner passion. To become its owner, in the US you will need $ 30-35 thousand.

Location No. 3

In the category Suburban car the best was named the electric car Nissan Leaf. Its original design does not leave you indifferent, but on suburban trips you will have to accurately calculate the distance, so as not to decay from a discharged battery. The cost of the car in the US is 25-30 thousand $.

Location No. 2

The best motor of the was in the electric car Chevrolet Volt. The question is, can an almost noiseless motor produce a vivid impression? Apparently the magazine believes that this is not the main thing. In the US, a car can be purchased for $ 30-35 thousand.

Place No. 1

Winner of the nomination A promising car is the Hyundai Equus executive saloon. Classics and luxury are always fashionable and attractive, especially if you are willing to pay around $ 60,000 for it.