World ranking of the fastest cars

As soon as the first car was invented, the man began to try to make it more and more quick. The ten of the fastest cars today are presented to your attention. Drivers, remember: "The limit of speed is the limit of life!"

10th place: Porsche Carrera GT

  • 9th place: Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
  • 8th place: Pagani Zonda F
  • 7th place: Jaguar XJ220
  • 6th place: Ferrari Enzo
  • 5th place: MCLAREN F1
  • 4th place: Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo
  • 3rd place: Koenigsegg CCX
  • 2nd place: Bugatti Veyron
  • 1st place: SSC Ultimate Aero
  • 10th place: Porsche Carrera GT

    • Engine: V10, 5,7 l
    • Power: 612 hp
    • The highest speed: 330 km / h
    • Weight: 1380 kg The

    Carrera GT, like most of its predecessors, is just a modification of one of its predecessors, the Carrera 911. But even so, the Porsche Carrera GT is one of the mostdesired acquisitions in the world.440 thousand dollars.

    9 place: Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

    • Engine: V12, 6,5 l
    • Power: 640 hp
    • The highest speed: 340 km / h.
    • Weight: 1665 kg

    This Lamborghini was released in 2006.The car is incredibly daring and powerful thanks to well-designed suspension, chassis and manual transmission.430 thousand dollars.

    8th place: Pagani Zonda F

    • Engine: V12, 7,3 l
    • Power: 602 hp
    • The highest speed: 345 km / h.
    • Weight: 1230 kg

    A well-known, but rather rare Italian sports car. In total, 25 cars were produced, each of which costs 665 thousand dollars. Not only the power, but also the appearance of Zonda F stuns the viewer.

    7 place: Jaguar XJ220

    • Engine: V6, 3,5 l
    • Power: 540 hp
    • The highest speed: 348 km / h.
    • Weight of car: 1370 kg

    This car was presented at the exhibition in Birmingham in 1988.Ironically, the British National Museum recognized the XJ220 as the worst car of the 20th century. The car was manufactured until 1994, and 281 cars were built at a cost of 678 thousand dollars.

    6 place: Ferrari Enzo

    • Engine: V12, 6,0 l
    • Power: 660 hp
    • The highest speed: 350 km / h.
    • Weight: 1365 kg

    The motor of this beautiful machine is built in accordance with the technology that is used on cars for the "Formula 1"!Since 2002, Ferrari has produced about 400 Enzo cars, each of which costs 670 thousand dollars.

    5th place: MCLAREN F1

    • Engine: V12, 6 l
    • Power: 627 hp
    • The highest speed: 387 km / h.
    • Auto weight: 1080 kg

    For a long time this car was the fastest in the world .For the 90's this car had almost revolutionary characteristics! There is a car 970 thousand dollars.

    4th place: Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo

    • Engine: V8, 7,0 l
    • Power: 750 hp
    • The highest speed: 391 km / h.
    • Auto weight: 1285 kg

    Amazing characteristics of this car allow you to call it a sports car with confidence. The driver will be fully compensated for the paid 580 thousand dollars: high-quality interior trim, climate control, a multimedia system that transmits information from the rear view camera and much more.

    3rd place: Koenigsegg CCX

    • Engine: V8, 4,7 l
    • Power: 806 hp
    • The highest speed: 395 km / h.
    • Vehicle weight: 1450 kg

    The name of this brand is not so much on hearing as the same Porsche or Lamborghini, but these machines are almost the fastest in the world. This is a sports car that is designed for everyday use. The basic equipment costs 695 thousand dollars.

    2nd place: Bugatti Veyron

    • Engine: W16, 8,0 l
    • Power: 1001 hp
    • The highest speed: 407 km / h.
    • Weight: 1866 kg

    The development of this car has been going on since 1999, and it was presented to the general public only in 2005. Speed, of course, is slightly limited by electronics, because otherwise tires can simply be erased into dust. This beautiful car costing $ 1,700,000 for almost two years was the fastest car of mass production.

    1 place: SSC Ultimate Aero

    • Engine: V8, 6,2 l
    • Power: 1183 hp
    • The highest speed: 412 km / h.
    • Vehicle weight: 1250 kg

    When developing this car, the engineers had a clearly defined goal - to make the fastest car in the world. And they succeeded! At the moment there are 25 such cars and they are, by the way, relatively cheap - 665 thousand dollars.

    P.S.: Even today cars are designed that can reach speeds of over 600 km / h. Most likely all participants of this rating in a couple of years will be far behind the 10th position, however they will remain in the memory of motorists as symbols of freedom and technologies that have shaped the development of the automotive industry of the future.