Rating of reliability of cars of 2010

The reliability of cars is a very important parameter for all motorists, it is not surprising that reliability rating of cars is in high demand and this problem is actively discussed in all media. The J.D.Power - one of the authoritative sources of information of this kind - presented another rating of reliability of car brands. It is compiled on the basis of the number of problems occurring per 100 vehicles for 3 years. The data were obtained from car owners who filled in the questionnaires for 198 items. According to published data, corporation Ford Motor and its Japanese rivals Honda Motor and Toyota Motor became leaders.

In the first ten, we see a very diverse range of brands. Here it is necessary to allocate company Ford , at which all 3 brands - Mercury, Lincoln and actually Ford - appeared on very high positions. Toyota - Lexus and Honda - Acura also did not lag behind the rival. And in the first place are Porsche , which produces fewer cars per year than the leaders of the car market during the week.

It's equally interesting to see what positions the General Motors brands got, which are now so few. Buick takes an honorable 3 place, and at 12 is located Cadillac. By the way, Cadillac DTS got a very high position in the reliability rating of cars. It has not been reached by any other American manufacturer. Two other GM brands - GMC and Chevrolet - took only 18th and 24th place.

Brands Chrysler Group for reliability while in disrepair. All 3 brands - Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep - did not rise above the 20th place. Vice-president of the company Chrysler Group Doug Bates immediately commented on these results. He assured that until the end of 2010, 75% of the model range will be updated and significant progress will be made on reliability.

In general, lucky brands can be called Lincoln, Cadillac, Hyundai, Mercury and Ford .Representatives J.D.Power noted that the production of really reliable and safe cars by manufacturers is much more productive than the simple conviction of buyers that they possess similar qualities. Meanwhile, Kelley Blue Book analyst James Bell said that for the buyer the position of the brand in the rating is much less important than personal predilections.

Having considered the proposed table, you can determine the number of breakdowns of each brand by 3 years by the numerical value divided by 100.The average value for 2010 was 155.