Top 10 Most Popular Car Colors

In the modern world when buying cars, according to experts, the decisive factor is its color. Let black, gray and white cars remain favorite with conservatives, the leader of sales will be that car, which is painted in a fashionable shade. Yes, "iron horses" are just as fashionable as office equipment, electronic gadgets or other objects around us.

Often, future car owners are sent to specialized services, where they render such a service as choosing a paint for a car to learn about fashion trends.

In the last two years, trends in the world of automotive fashion have not changed, which means that the leading colors in the top 10 remained the same.


  • Rating of fashionable shades for
    • cars 1 place - white
    • 2nd place - silver
    • 3rd place - black
    • 4th place - gray
    • 5th place - red
    • 6th place - brown
    • 7th place - blue
    • 8th place - green
    • 9th place - goldenor beige
    • 10th place - other

Rating of fashionable shades for cars

1 place - white

The most popular is the white color for a year now. These data are provided by PPG Industries, a paint manufacturer. The company conducts annual research on consumer behavior. It turned out that over the past two years white cars sold 22% of the total sales of new cars.

In the domestic market, many cars are painted in white. In order not to turn immaculate whiteness into simplicity, and also to emphasize the cost of a car, owners acquire aerosol paints of bright white, milky white, pearl white hue. Today, "swallows" simply shine due to the constituent shade( 3 layers) - the usual shade, glossy, colorless lacquer, which gives shine.

2 place - silver

It accounted for 20% of total sales. Until recently, he headed the rating of popular colors for cars, but he gave up the first place to white. In America, this shade was the leader for 7 years!

3 place - black

Such cars sell about 19% in the world. So, the three leaders are still the same classic, which does not lose its relevance even with time. It is worth noting that in European countries many businessmen travel by black cars.

4th place - gray

Such "iron horses" are preferred to be purchased by 12% of people who decided on such a serious purchase.

5th place - red

As a representative of the Ford concern once said, many people simply categorically do not tolerate life in black and white. It is these customers who prefer cars of red color( 9%).

6th place - brown

Let in our country such cars and a little bit, but in European countries they are purchased by 8% of buyers.

7th place - blue

Many owners are not inclined to too bold experiments, so they prefer cars of blue colors( 6%).They are sure that in a few years such a shade will be relevant.

8th place - green

This tone is preferred by creative people( 2% of total sales).In addition, the researchers note that in times of economic decline, people are not at all in the mood to acquire flashy and vivid shades.

9th place - golden or beige

On its share fell about 1% of the sold cars. This is the paint that is chosen by those who do not tolerate white, but do not want to "dive" into dark colors.

10th place - other

Every year there are more and more bright shades in the car, although they are still on the last place of our rating. The first brands that produce "iron horses" in bright colors are Ferrari and Lamborghini. These brands are already characterized by yellow and red hues, every year in all colors of the rainbow paint more and more sports cars.