Rating of the best novelties of car video recorders 2015

Drivers use car DVRs to protect themselves from auto-cheaters, prove their innocence in the event of an accident on the road and resolve other unpleasant situations that arise during the trip.

We present to you the best car registrars , new items in 2015. The rating was compiled on the basis of novelty models, reviews of Russian buyers and their ratings on the Yandex. Market.

Unlike the previously published rating of DVRs, this reflects the justification of acquiring models, new products of 2015!


  • 5. Sho-Me A7-90FHD
  • 4. Prestigio RoadRunner 520i
  • 3. Video Viewer 2405 FHD
  • 2. Neoline Wide S25
  • 1. Street Storm CVR-A7525-W

5 . Sho-Me A7-90FHD

In the last place of the top-5 best car DVRs of the year is the model of Sho-Me, which has been on the Russian market since 2000 and received more than one grateful feedback from users. The gadget is equipped with a 2.7 "LCD screen, an Ambarella A7LA50 processor, a shock sensor and allows you to set the resolution of Super Full HD( 2304 × 1296) to 720.

The average price is 5,200 rubles.

4. Prestigio RoadRunner 520i

This compact device is includedin 2015, thanks to the improved high-performance processor NTK96220. It allows you to record video with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 at a speed of 25 frames per second, and Prestigio RoadRunner 520i can boast: 2.0 "screen, motion detector in the frame, andelectronic stub technologyor image.

You can buy for 3 094 rubles and more.

3. Videofiler 2405 FHD

This model from the Russian company "Video Viewer" is suitable for those who want to choose DVR with large screen( diagonal 3 ") and high definition video recording( from 1920 × 1080 to 1280 × 720).140 ° allows you to capture all the details of the trip in the memory of the device. There is a motion detector in the frame and built-in accelerometer

The price of the of the 2405 FHD Video Slot is from 4,990 rubles and higher

2. Neoline Wide S25

This budget Chinese DVR with 1.5 "inferior to the opportunities bLeah expensive registrars. The developers of the device optimized the Novatek NTK 96220 processor by "teaching" it to produce 1920 × 1080 Full HD video at a rate of 26 frames per second. At a resolution of 1280 × 720, the recording goes even faster - 30 frames per second.

Provides G-sensor, which, in case of an accident, protects the video from overwriting and the motion detector in the frame, switching the DVR into the recording mode, when something happens in the "view" field of the device.

Neoline Wide S25 will cost car enthusiasts 2 570 rubles and more.

1. Street Storm CVR-A7525-W

Headed the rating of new DVRs small car gadget with Wi-Fi interface, which for its relatively small price offers a lot of opportunities. Its viewing angle is 170 °.The screen is not there and all the settings of the device are carried out by means of the program "Street Storm Wi-Fi" on the smartphone or tablet.

This application( available in both Google Play and the App Store) allows you to shoot videos and photos and delete files. The video is recorded at a resolution of 1280 × 720( 60 frames per second) and 2304 × 1296( 30 frames per second).When the Wi-Fi is turned on, the recorder records a full and cut version of the video. The latter can be sent to the phone. The WDR function ensures impeccable detail at low or intense levels of illumination. And the DEWARP function corrects the distortion( optical distortion) on the sides of the picture.

In the Russian online stores Street Storm CVR-A7525-W is offered at a price of 7,900 to 8,900 rubles.