Rating of the best video recorders of 2015

Many drivers are thinking about which DVR to choose: situations during trips are not easy. A small device keeps a record of events occurring on the road. It can resolve the road conflict, facilitate communication with the traffic police and serve as a "witness" in the court.

Which models from the large range of DVRs are the most popular on the Russian market? Below is a brief review of the top 10 automotive DVRs of 2015 by .The rating is based on the popularity of devices, takes into account the number of copies sold, customer reviews and ratings on "Yandex. Market."

The list reflects the profitability of purchasing a particular model in the "price-quality" ratio.


  • 10. Mio MiVue 588
  • 9. Neoline X-COP 9500
  • 8. Street Storm CVR-A7510-G v.3
  • 7. M1
  • CASES 6. Cobra VRD 3000CT
  • 5. AdvoCam FD Black
  • 4.Karkam Smart
  • 3. Mio MiVue 518
  • 2. Karkam Q7
  • 1. ParkCity DVR HD 770

10. Mio MiVue 588

Average release price: 9,690 руб.

Opens the top DVR model of the Mio brand, which is popular all over the world. Recording in Full HD resolution( 1080P) and the newest sensor ensure high detail and no interference and artifacts. The device warns the owner about the speed control cameras, and the GPS receiver registers the route and speed of the car.

9. Neoline X-COP 9500

Average price: 15 490 rub.

This device is the best video recorder with a radar detector, the rating of 2015 includes another model with a radar detector of 2 in 1. It will determine the speed control devices that are in service with the traffic police. The powerful Ambarella A7 processor and high resolution matrix provide excellent recording quality.

8. Street Storm CVR-A7510-G v.3

Average price: 10 500 rub.

Five glass lenses, a lens with an IR-filter, recording in a panoramic resolution. The powerful Ambarella A7L processor will provide Super HD 1296p shooting even at night. The built-in GPS-module will show the exact location of the car and warn about the speed control cameras.


Average price: 9 189 руб.

This is a good and not the most expensive DVR in Russia. Its electronic "filling" can easily cope with the recording of high-quality Full HD video in any weather. WDR technology will provide uniform brightness over the entire width of the frame. There is a voice notification about radars. There is a lane control system.

6. Cobra VRD 3000CT

Average price: 7 990 rub.

The device is equipped with a g-sensor that responds to shocks and changes in speed and motion sensor. Infrared illumination will allow you to shoot legible video at night. Cobra VRD 3000CT is a 2-in-1 radar detector, the rating of this model is slightly lower than the Neoline due to the presence of a GPS sensor in the latter, but the 3000CT boasts a cost that is 2 times lower than that of the competitor.

5. AdvoCam FD Black

Average price: 5 162 руб.

The absence of secondary elements allowed to save on small things and save high quality shooting. This budget DVR has a 3-megapixel matrix with a physical size of 1/3 inch. The Novatek 96650 processor is an inexpensive alternative to Ambarella A5S.

4. Karkam Smart

Average price: 8,890 руб.

Supports Real HDR technology, which allows you to shoot video in Super HD format 2304x1296 or 2560x1080.Ultra-wide format 21: 9 ensures that the recording will reflect only the real road conditions.

3. Mio MiVue 518

Average price: 5 490 rub.

Those who want to buy a DVR with the optimal "price-quality" ratio can pay attention to this rating model. It hit the best DVRs of 2015 thanks to Full HD resolution, natural color reproduction, high definition and detailed image. Change mode from day to night is automatic, taking into account the level of illumination. This is a great gift idea for the New Year 2016.

2. Karkam Q7

Average price: 8 990 rub.

This gadget was included in the rating of DVRs of 2015 due to its feature: high quality of shooting in superhigh resolution SuperHD 2304х1296.Matrix of the latest generation has an effective resolution of 4 megapixels and increased photosensitivity. Ultra-wide viewing angle of 160 ° allows you to fully monitor the traffic situation. The DEWARP function prevents distortion at the edges of the frame.

1. ParkCity DVR HD 770

Average price: 7 890 rub.

The best video recorder of 2015 in Russia .It has all the features necessary for the latest generation of recorders: high-quality shooting in FULL HD resolution, a color LCD display with a diagonal of 2.4 "and dynamic adjustment of the sensor depending on the illumination. The built-in GPS module notifies about cameras and speed limits, LDWS controls the descent with the selected oneband, and FCWS measures the distance to the vehicle ahead.