Rating of the most stolen cars in 2015 in St. Petersburg and Moscow

The State Automobile Inspectorate of the Russian Federation published the rating of the most stolen cars of 2015.It was compiled on the basis of the statistics of hijackings that occurred in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the first half of the year. During this time in the capital there were 3523 cases of thefts and car thefts.

According to the analysis of crimes, 52% of theft and car theft occurs at night. More often than not, cars were hijacked in the Southern Administrative District( 445 cases of hijacking were recorded there), and the least amount of thefts was in Zelenograd Administrative District( 22 cases).

This is how the top ten rating of the most stolen cars in St. Petersburg and Moscow looks like.

10. Toyota Land Cruiser 200

  • 9. Mitsubishi Lancer
  • 8. Honda Civic
  • 7. Toyota Camry
  • 6. Toyota Corolla
  • 5. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
  • 4. Ford Focus
  • 3. Hyundai Solaris
  • 2Kia Rio
  • 1. Mazda 3
  • 10. Toyota Land Cruiser 200

    During the first half of 2015, this expensive Japanese SUV in Moscow was hijacked 57 times. Usually such prestigious, well-protected cars are hijacked by professional hijackers, and not by accident, but by order.

    9. Mitsubishi Lancer

    The interest of the hijackers to this worthy representative of the golf class has slightly decreased. Mitsubishi Lancer in the first half of 2014 was in the top three of the most stolen cars in Moscow. And in 2015 there were 61 cases of theft.

    8. Honda Civic

    62 owners of Honda Civic have parted with the fault of the "toilers" of the criminal craft with their "iron horses".

    7. Toyota Camry

    The love of criminals does not die out for Japanese business-class cars that enjoy stable demand in the secondary market. And 65 stolen Toyota Camry that confirmation.

    6. Toyota Corolla

    The reliable and compact sedan is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling car in the world. Disassembled for spare parts, it is sold even faster, for which it is popular with hijackers. The Moscow traffic police registered 74 cases of hijacking Toyota Corolla from the beginning of 2015.

    5. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

    British company Land Rover has started production of its crossover Range Rover Evoque in 2011.Four years have passed since the debut, and it is already included in the top of the most stolen cars in Russia( 88 hijackings).

    4. Ford Focus

    In 2014, Russia took the fifth place in sales of Ford Focus. Such data was presented by the company Polk, engaged in estimates of the number of registrations of new cars. But having got into the rating of stolen cars 2015 in St. Petersburg, Ford Focus ranks first.

    3. Hyundai Solaris

    The most popular car brand in Russia has not become, at the same time, the most stolen, but close to it. The traffic police recorded 110 cases of the theft of Hyundai Solaris.

    2. Kia Rio

    The high demand for spare parts for Kia Rio makes this budget Korean sedan one of the most in demand among hijackers. Already 118 vehicles in Moscow and St. Petersburg were abducted by intruders.

    1. Mazda 3

    The first place in the rating of the most stolen cars 2015 in Moscow is the Japanese representative of the golf class. Thanks to its popularity with Russian motorists, this model attracted the attention of the capital's hijackers. On their account 157 stealing Mazda 3.