Where is the cheapest gasoline in the world, the top 10 countries

It's sad, but the fact is: whether black gold is cheaper or rising in price, gasoline in Russia only becomes more expensive. Let our country is included in the of the top-10 states of the world where the cheapest gasoline is unlikely to please domestic motorists, whose salaries do not creep up as fast as the prices for fueling stations.

According to a study by the agency Bloomberg, the lowest price of gasoline in Venezuela. Experts of the agency, who made the rating of the lowest prices for gasoline, took into account the cost of a liter of AI-95 gasoline in the third quarter of 2016 in 61 countries. And it turned out that in a small Venezuela a liter of gasoline costs $ 0.01.Such low prices for fuel in the country are kept at the expense of state subsidies and often there is a shortage of gasoline at local stations.

The most expensive gasoline in Hong Kong is $ 1.87 per liter. A little cheaper fuel is sold in Norway and Holland.

The second place in the list of countries with the cheapest gasoline in the world is Saudi Arabia, with $ 0.24 per liter of "liquid feed" for the iron horse. On the third place is Iran, there a liter of automobile fuel costs 0.34 dollars. Below, readers can familiarize themselves with the top ten countries where gasoline is the cheapest in the world. Prices are quoted in dollars per liter of gasoline.

Top-10 countries with the cheapest gasoline in the world

No. Country Gasoline price $ / liter
1 Venezuela 0,01
2 Saudi Arabia 0,24
3 Iran 0,34
4 Kuwait 0,35
5 Malaysia 0, 41
6 United Arab Emirates 0,45
7 Nigeria 0,46
8 Russia 0.59
9 Indonesia 0.59
10 Pakistan 0,61

And what about the availability of gasoline for the public? With this in Russia, the situation is even sadder. It is on the 33rd place, and it is overtaken by such countries as Ireland( 10th place), Luxembourg( 3rd place), USA( 2nd place) and Venezuela( 1st place).To buy a liter of gasoline an ordinary Russian is forced to pay out of his pocket 2.31% of daily income. The quality of gasoline also leaves much to be desired, the rating of the gas station for the quality of gasoline shows that high-quality gasoline is sold only by large networks.

Countries with the most affordable gasoline

Top Country Average daily income( $) % of daily income
1 Venezuela 2.61 0.23
2 US 156.54 0.42
3 Luxembourg 291.45 0, 43
4 United Arab Emirates 103.95 0.43
5 Saudi Arabia 54.42 0.44
6 Kuwait 71.95 0.48
7 Australia 143.91 0.65
8 Switzerland 219.24 0.66
9 Canada 115.07 0.79
10 Ireland 181.43 0.80

Another interesting parameter, which was taken into account by the authors of the study. This is the share of gasoline spending as part of the expenditure of citizens. And here the Russians have nothing to be happy about. In this parameter, the Russian Federation occupies 52 lines out of 61 possible. The average driver in our country every year buys 333.1 liters of gasoline, and for this, 2.11% of his salary went. But the budget of Venezuelans from buying gasoline almost does not suffer. They take only 0.29% of their wages to buy 454.53 liters of fuel a year. On the second line, the countries of the East are located - China and Hong Kong( 0.43% and 0.46% respectively).The largest share of wages for gasoline is given to residents of Mexico( 3.38% respectively), Greece( 2.87% respectively) and Canada( 2.67% respectively).