The most reliable cars in 2017, the rating J.D.Power

The more expensive - the better? A well-known axiom is denied by J.D.Power, an American marketing and consulting company, which gained fame primarily due to research on the automotive market. At the end of February 2017 the company published a new reliability rating for vehicles. In it, the most popular of the issued brands of cars of two years are located according to the level of reliability, quality and durability. It turned out that although Lexus and Porsche are the absolute leaders with respect to the reliability of their cars, however, owners of less expensive cars can also enjoy excellent quality.

For the 28th survey, reviews were made of 35,186 car owners in 2014, indicating problems they had experienced within a year after buying the car. The overall quality of the car is deduced from the number of breakages by 100 units, respectively, the lower the figure, the more reliable the car. In total, the study described 177 breakdowns, grouped into 8 main categories.

According to experts, the most problems fall to the category of audio / communication / entertainment / navigation. The total number of breakdowns in this category is 22% of all. More often than not, users complain about a poor Bluetooth connection and the inability of the system to correctly recognize voice commands. The newcomer in the top 10 automotive problems of 2017 is the battery failure.

For the sixth year in a row, the Lexus leads the with a score of 110 out of 100 cars. The same number of failures have also cars of one more company of a premium class - Porsche. Following them is Toyota with a breakdown of 123 per 100 pieces - Toyota Camry still remains the leader in reliability of the model in its category. Overall, Toyota Motor Corporation received an impressive number of awards - 10 out of 18;this is the highest number for all years of the rating existence. The fourth place in Buick( 126 breakages per 100 cars), and the fifth - from the German Mercedes-Benz( 131 breakage).

Hyundai continues to work by itself. If, according to the results of research conducted in 2016, this brand had 158 breakdowns per 100 cars, this significantly reduced their number and became equal to 133. As a result, Hyundai jumped from 19th to sixth place. It should be added that Dodge and Ford also worked on themselves, compared to 2016, reducing the number of breakages by 21 each, as well as Land Rover, which reduced their number by 20.

The full list of the most reliable cars in 2017

Judging by the results of the ratingit turns out that the owners of cars produced in 2014 are experiencing fewer problems than in the industry as a whole. If the average number of breakages per 100 cars was 156, then for cars in 2014 it is less - only 134.

According to Dave Sargent, Vice President J.D.Power, the reason here is that buyers are increasingly abandoning the purchase of bad cars. More manufacturers can not afford to sacrifice quality to profit. Also experts J.D.Power found that, along with brand loyalty and advertising, the key factor in the growth of auto sales is the high reliability of the machine for a long service life. For example, the brand Toyota - the highest ranked non-premium class - on average has $ 750 more from the sale of the car than the average in the market. As a result, these $ 750 dollars for the car turned the company profits of more than 1.3 million only for cars produced in 2014.

Although, of course, luxury cars are of excellent quality, but money in the market is made in the mass segment. So every year there are fewer chances that buyers will spend money on an unreliable machine.