Top-5 of the best driving schools in Moscow

In Moscow, a large number of driving schools, it is for this reason many people are faced with the problem of choice. This is very good, because a person has the opportunity to choose the school that will be closer to home. The downside is that there is an opportunity to get to the school, where not very well taught, which will then lead to difficulties when driving transport. Below is the information that defines the top-5 of the best driving schools in Moscow.


  • 1. Driving vehicle "AGRO"
  • 2. Central driving school
  • 3. Driving school "Strela"
  • 4. Driving school "ARRIS"
  • 5. Driving school "Auto Univer"

1. Driving school "AGRO"

Based on the feedback of the students, The best in Moscow is the driving school "ARGO", which has three divisions in different regions. Here you can learn the driver of the "B" category. Auto driving instructors have good experience and are excellent masters of their craft. The technology of training is a clearly planned timetable, which facilitates detailed training and simplifies the process in the traffic police passing the exam.

2. Central Driving School

The next most popular school is this school, which also has branches in different districts of Moscow. The main goal of the driving school is to help and assist with the training of traffic rules. This school is inferior in rating, because it is one of the very first driving schools in Moscow. Work started at the central driving school back in 1990.The main advantage is the opportunity to choose the form of training, the presence of more than 50 sites and the literacy of teachers.

3. Driving school "Strela"

The next in the list was the driving school "Strela".The presence of coverage in several districts of Moscow and the favorable location of the branches makes it possible to correctly compose the route and prepare well for the exam. Training takes place here for two months and is not inferior to anything else in the other two schools mentioned above. However, you can not argue with the ratings.

4. Driving school "ARRIS"

It was created quite a long time, or rather in 1993.As does the above-mentioned schools, he also prepares drivers of the "B" category. There is all the material and technical base for the work process - classes of training and computer, new cars. According to the traffic police is also one of the best driving schools in Moscow.

5. Auto school "Auto Universe"

This school provides training in the same category as in others, the training period is 2.5 months. The schedule of classes is quite comfortable and there is the possibility of training foreigners. There is a discount system at the school, but only in certain months. Despite all the advantages, the school does not enjoy such popularity as others, but it is also one of the best.

Many voters, especially abolished the professionalism of avtoinstruktorov school HLW.But this school was outside the top five, although it is among the top ten.