Russian Road Safety Rating 2016

Which Russian roads are the safest? This question was answered by the Center for the Safety of Russian Roads, making the road safety rating of Russia .The starting point was taken in January 2016, and for the final one - August.
The rating includes information on 53 Russian regions, in which more than a million people live. And the length of the "counted" roads should be over 5 thousand km. The rating took into account:

  • the number of people living in the region;
  • number of road accidents;
  • number of people who were injured or died as a result of an accident;
  • the size of the car park in the region;
  • the length of regional roads.

In the first place on road safety was the Tyumen region. During the reporting period, there were 161 road accidents due to poor road coverage. This is the best figure since 2013.And here is the complete list of safe Russian roads, sorted from the best indicators to the worst. Green means the safest roads in the country, yellow - roads of medium danger and red - the most dangerous roads.

In 2015-2016, thanks to the introduction of cameras fixing the speed of the intelligent system "Avtodoriya", the number of speed violations decreased almost threefold. However, according to the expert "For the safety of Russian roads" Sergei Vorobyov, the situation on Russian roads on road accidents does not get better. With a formal comparison of the 2015-2016 ratings, it becomes clear that the "safety factors" are declining, albeit not too much. For example, in Tatarstan it fell from 3.3 to 3.15.However, the average number of fatalities and injuries due to road accidents does not decrease. If in the rating of dangerous and safe roads in the Russian Federation for 2015 the average death toll and injuries in an accident was 10.5 and 108, respectively, this year it is 9.8 dead and 117 crippled respectively, that is, the difference lies within the limits of statistical error.

Perhaps the situation with the street-road networks will help improve the strategic federal project "Safe and high-quality roads."It is among the priority and provides for the construction of new road facilities and the alignment of the central highways, as well as roads adjacent to federal highways in the normative and safe for drivers and passengers. In the meantime, this project is not fully implemented, it remains to rely only on their own driving skills, luck, and when traveling with the family do not forget about the car seats( readers can see our rating of children's car seats for safety in 2016)